Socked in start

Hello Friends, RealSurf HQ was fogged in when I first tried to check the situation at 0620. Visibility was around 100 metres, so no pictures to begin with this morning. From the look of the MHL data, I’m not expecting to see much when the fog clears. Swell is coming from the east and is […]

Sydney or Seattle? You decide.

Hello Friends, Another grey and dripping morning with visibility down to about a kilometre. Swell has come around to the east. It’s about 1.5 metres on average, but the period is still a paltry 7 seconds. The Bureau says it’ll be cloudy with mist patches and drizzle increasing to periods of rain as the east […]

PICS: ya really missed it (or maybe you didn’t!)

Was out and about with my camera on Monday morning the 14th of March and stopped by Curly to see what the little east windswell was doing. I got there about 0915 and was bummed to discover I shoulda thrown the board in the car. It was mostly around the waist high mark, but there […]

Little bumps about

Hello Friends, Not much happening down at Dee Why beach. The tide was high for the early risers and the metre and a bit of 7sec east wind swell was frothing lightly in. Sets would be struggling to get much above the waist high mark on the big ones. The small numbers in the water […]

Kinda junky, pretty small too

Hello Friends, Overnight the wind swell has moved from the SE to the east and although it’s actually pushed up slightly into the 1.5 metre range, the average period has slumped from 9 seconds yesterday afternoon, to around 7 seconds this morning. Throw in a steady 8-10kts of NNE sea breeze and you have a […]

Wha… not the grey again

Hello Friends, Grey and misty old morning. So misty in fact that I can’t quite make out the beach yet. From the look of the models though, we’re sitting about where we were yesterday afternoon when it comes to the wave settings – ie 1.5m of short (7s) period east windswell. That should translate to […]

Slightly less grey

Hello Friends, Wind is out of the east at 10-15 kts and the windswell is a gutless (7 sec period) 1.5 metres from the same direction. To be frank, it’s not the kind of thing you get up early for. At least it’s not quite as grey and misty as the last few mornings, and […]

Late one at Northy

Hello Friends, Decided to get wet this arvo, even though I knew not to expect much. Figured that Northy’d be the nearest spot with anything resembling a wave, so went there. It was kinda busy, but not actually too bad given it was a warm Sunday afternoon with the sort of little windswell that is […]

Sunday late am

Hello Friends, Later than usual this am, sorry. There were some little waves around too. Maybe that’s what I need to do when it’s been bad – get up late and miss the early. That way it’ll be good. Well, okay, not good, but definitely enough going on that you could/can catch something. After coffees […]

Freshie Follies

Freshwater had a crowd of two when I stopped by for a look around 0740 this morning. The little east windswell is kinda working into the corner, but the high tide and short period are combining to make for rather weak conditions. If you waited long enough, I have no doubt there would be a […]