Oh we’re bump, bumping along

Hello Friends, 95% chance of rain today apparently. Tide’s low at 1125 and the wind’ll be out of the westerly quarters from about midday. Sadly, there is almost no swell energy to be detected. The MHL buoy off Sydney was recording about a metre of east wind swell at about 8 seconds. Once again, you’ll […]

Is that a hint… a suggestion of an improvement?

Hello Friends, Not much of anything showing at Dee Why again this morning. However, it looks to be a tiny touch more energetic than the last week. According to the MHL buoy off Sydney, the dominant swell direction is out of the east. Apparently it’s averaging about a metre out there and the period is […]

Morning gloom and smallness. But glassy!

Hello Friends, Somewhere between foggy and hazy as Friday started out along Sydney’s beaches. The ocean was close to glass too. But, the very weak east windswell is still with us. It was struggling to make a metre out at sea and the average period was around the 8 second mark. Not too promising it […]

Peak passed, breezy to start

Hello Friends, The morning kicked off with around 10 kts of N-NW wind and a small mainly easterly swell of about a metre at sea. Yesterday’s reasonably juicy 10 sec average period and close to two metres of ESE swell is but a memory. Average period now is back to 8 seconds – although there […]

Smaller than yesterday, but not flat

Hello Friends, Yesterday’s little south pulse started fading and swinging east at around lunch time. This morning sees the average height at sea around the metre mark and the all important power setting at a marginal 8s. Dee Why beach was showing a waist high line at around seven this morning. There were a few […]