Oh those grey, grey skies and the grey, grey sea

Hello Friends, Rainy again, but I managed to grab a quick snap between showers (90% chance of rain today and the outlook is for another week of on again/off again showers). The wind swell has come around to the east and the MHL buoy was showing an average size of around two metres, with a […]

Dull skies, dull waves at Dee Why

Hello Friends, Wind is going along from the NNE at 15-20 kts this morning under grey skies. The MHL buoy off Sydney is showing two metres of 7 second east wind swell, but it sure isn’t anything like 2 metres at Dee Why. Every now and then a just barely catchable little thing flips over […]

Evening thoughts for Sydney surfing

Hello Friends, Had a look at the beach late and can report it was just as ordinary as this morning. No real sign of a substantive change to the swell settings since then either. Still fluffing along at a couple metres and 7 sec apart. Waves are extremely junky and forming and reforming in such […]

Mona Vale to Dee Why …um yeah

Hello Friends, Turned up at the beach around 0630 for a surf with a few mates. Contemplation of the conditions immediately resulted in a decision – to get coffee. 15-20 kts of ESE wind overnight turned the ocean into a choppy mess. The average period is only about 7 seconds, so you have to time […]

Late arvo update: pretty ordinary again

Hello Friends, Got out and about between about 1600-1700 to see if I could grab a few snaps for the Saturday evening visitors. Conditions, as you can see, are still pretty ghastly. But that hasn’t put folks off. About the most intense looking wave I saw was the one above. It was grinding into a […]