A few fun ones for the early

Hello Friends, Swell’s almost dead east this morning. It’s averaging 2 metres out at sea and the power setting is on 9 seconds (with some 10 sec stuff in the mix). Wind was light early but the Bureau says we’ll get a s-se change later. Dee Why was moderately, but not insanely, busy for the […]

Little waves around this morning, but…

      Hello Friends, High tide was swamping it early, but the little 9 second, 2 metre east windswell was looking to have fun potential. The issue is going to be the wind. It was light early, but the call is for a summery afternoon NE’r, so exposed spots that like east swell are […]

Another grey day with a grey sea – but waves

Hello Friends, Two metre east swell with a 9-10s period was combining this morning with light W to NW breezes to produce clean surface conditions and wave faces into the overhead range. The water looks revolting at Dee Why though. Torrents of stormwater have washed all the crap off the streets and into the wave […]

C’mon Huey, what’s this?

Hello Friends, Last night as we went in for our monthly Surfrider meeting, a group of us stood in the late evening light watching a very crowded but juicy Northy. At some point in the previous four hours it had gone from weak and gutless to reasonably intense. Our hopes for the morning were high. […]