Minor interest

Hello Friends, Disappointing offering from Huey this morning at Dee Why. Couldn’t see anyone in the water at 0715. Given the high tide and the fact that the swell has decayed into a weak 1.5 metre, ENE’r at about 8 seconds apart. Wind was out of the NE at around 10 knots, so you might […]

Splashed at Northy

After taking care of a few chores, I wandered down to North Narrabeen to see how the tide and our little weak NE wind swell were interacting. It was one of those deals where you watch for quite awhile before pulling the trigger – one way or another. It was smooth and there were only […]

The keen were on it

Hello Friends Wave chasers were finding waist high sets at Dee Why this morning. There was the occasional slightly bigger one in the mix too. The wind wasn’t up to much, but the Bureau says it’ll eventually get into the 10-15 kt range from the NE this afternoon. Tide was high at around 0730. It’ll […]

First the wind…

Hello Friends, As Rob and Matt have already noted, the big story is the wind this morning. But if the Bureau is right, it should back off later. Even better, the swell might start to get in a little more and the late could be pretty fun at spots that like a lot of east. […]

Change? You want change?

Hello Friends, As PB’s noted, things are much the same this morning as yesterday.  The windswell is still loafing along at about 8 seconds, it’s 1.5 metres and coming from the ENE. The wind outlook is also a duplicate of yesterday, ie N-NE 10-15 kts early, reaching 15-20 kts later and peaking near 20-25 kts. […]

Grey skies are back

Hello Friends,   Dull skies again this morning – and a spot of drizzle around as well. Swell has faded overnight pretty much in line with expectations. Average period is around the 8 second mark and height at sea is probably around the 1.5 metre range. Direction looks to be from the east. The Bureau […]