Southerly going before daybreak

Hello Friends, As of 0430 the south wind was blowing 20-25 kts along the Sydney coast. The MHL buoy was reporting a lacklustre metre or so of 7-sec period ENE wind bump. And the tide was incoming to this morning’s high at 0820. The weather radar was showing only a few isolated dots of precipitation, […]

Very small but maybe

Hello Friends, No good news for Dee Why this morning really. Well, I guess it is sunny and glassy. That’s good. But waves are few and far between. Sets are struggling to crack the knee high mark on the bigger ones. What we have is coming mainly from the ENE at about 7 seconds apart. […]

Waiting on Huey

Hello Friends, Wan sunlight and mostly cloudy skies as Tuesday got started. But the rain is coming. As I write this the radio is reporting heavy falls way down south along the border. We might have a thunderstorm or two later today, but from tomorrow through Friday morning, the call is for that rain to […]

Bump, bump, bumping along near flatness

Hello Friends, In line with expectations, we have another morning of marginal to flat conditions in Sydney. There’s about a metre of ENE 7 second period wind swell out at sea, but it was too small at Dee Why to attract any punters at around 0700. To the extent it matters, the wind was light […]

Just a hint and not much more

    Hello Friends, Another almost still and sunny morning for the old Sydney. But, according to the Bureau of Meteorology, from tomorrow it’s all change as we move into another stretch of cool, cloudy and showery weather. There was only a tiny trickle of NE windswell showing on the MHL buoy as Friday got […]

Grey grey go away

Hello Friends, Can’t see much to be excited about for surfers at Dee Why this morning. Admittedly, it’s not necessarily the first spot you’d look for waves when the energy is coming from the ENE at a feeble 7 second interval. But, I don’t reckon it’ll be too fabulous anywhere else either. I couldn’t see […]

Real small, but not flat

Hello Friends, With the forecast calling for south wind this morning, your correspondent decided to make an early start on the day. I checked the Warriewood to Mona stretch first. Not super fabulous, it has to be said. The little windswell is mostly in the knee high range but here and there, depending on the […]

Very small Sunday

Hello Friends, Little tiny waves are all we have on offer this morning in Sydney. Swell out at sea is around about a metre at 7 seconds apart. It’s coming from the ENE, so that should mean that a few spots which have missed out on the small mainly southerly wavelets could be picking up […]

The calm

Hello Friends, Climbed up to the crows nest to see how we’re traveling this morning. If Dee Why’s a reasonable indicator, the answer is we’re not going all that well. Weather is nice but the lack of swell activity isn’t. I’m calling Dee Why 2/10. We’re due for a cloudy and warm day and south […]