Teeny-tiny less tiny

Hello Friends, Yesterday’s wind has left us with a few lumpy, bumpy and gutless little wind waves around the place. Dee Why was just barely twitching, but methinks the likes of Curly and Northy might have some sorta slideable slop burgers. It’s gonna be marginal and weak, but it’s still looking better than anything we’ve […]

Lightly onshore to start

Hello Friends, On the positive side of the ledger, it has come up a little since yesterday morning. A metre of east wind swell was burbling weakly into Dee Why as of 0845 where it was greeted with some enthusiasm by a goodly crowd of punters on a peak just up from the surf club. […]

Micro at Dee Why this morning

Hello Friends, Morning update for ya… Had to be up in Avalon this morning, so it gave me a good chance to see what was happening along the beaches. And the story is the same as at Dee Why – nothin’ much. No one was in the water to chase waves at Avalon. Great morning […]

Saturday smallness but not flatness

Hello Friends, Good to see a little tiny bit of energy left for the Saturday morning crew. Yesterday’s scrappy NE wind swell has gone a touch more to the ENE. As of 0700, it was about a metre on average at with a typical period of close to 8 seconds. This was producing waist to […]

Cute little waves early

Hello Friends, Swell’s ticked down another notch and as of 0800, it was a metre and a bit, out of the ENE at 8 seconds. Wind was lightly offshore and tide was dropping toward the low at 0930 (it’s back to high at 1615). Waves at Dee Why beach were around the waist to chest […]

Clean but small this morning

Hello Friends, A beautiful morning in Sydney. Offshore under a deep blue and almost cloudless sky and there are still some tiny waves for the connoisseur. There was a nip to the air too. Autumn is definitely here. At Dee Why the metre or so of ENE wind swell was producing the occasional thigh to […]

Not missing much

Hello Friends, I’ve got an hour to kill waiting for the big bus to California, so I’ve had a quick squizz at the buoy data for Sydney. Not a pretty picture it has to be said. Swell’s out of the E by ENE at about 8 seconds apart. Average size at sea is a paltry […]

Aw, Huey… c’mon

Hello Friends, Up just ahead of the sun, grabbed a quick snap… and then the computer fell over. Ah, technology… as Matt and PB have noted, we’re not looking too flash. No one in the water at Dee Why when I took the pic and turning to the latest info from the MHL buoy, one […]

Small at Dee Why

Hello Friends, My usual late start for Sunday. Swell has gone around to the NE at about a metre. The power setting has dropped from close to 10 sec yesterday morning to about 8 sec now. Weak NE windswell is not generally too good for Dee Why, so it’s not that surprising that the water […]