Looking small at Dee Why this morning

Hello Friends, Energy’s faded out where Dee Why’s concerned this morning. At 0600 the MHL buoy off Sydney was detecting a metre of 10-second ESE swell. Tide was low at 0700, but even though it’s coming in now, the point was unsurfably small and any waves along the beach were too small to be seen […]

Barely there

Hello Friends, Beautiful morning in Sydney but not much going on wavewise. Dee Why point was offline and the beachy was struggling to produce anything above knee high as the tide approached high at 0800. The MHL buoy was showing about a metre of 10-second period ESE swell. Winds were light and the surface conditions […]

Tiny offerings

0930 update: Hello Friends, Just saw Manly and Curly and can report that as of 0900 there were some chest high sets at both places. At Manly it was all up the Queensie end and at Curly it appeared to be right along the beach. There seemed to be a reasonable wait for the rideable […]

Small waves for the early

Hello Friends, Not a lot going on at the beach this morning, but you could get the odd knee to waist high thing if you’re in the right spot at the right time. Swell is out of the ESE at about 10 seconds apart. It’s showing about a metre out at sea, but there aren’t […]

Waiting day, wind day

Hello Friends, There might be a possible little wave for the early at spots that were surfable yesterday. At 0400 there was still about a metre of ESE swell at 10 sec – but it won’t last long because the wind’s due to pick up to gale strength. It’ll be NW then west up to […]

Caught a few at Crescent

Hello Friends, As foretold by the swell models, there was a bit more swell up north than in Sydney again today. We need to be back in Sydney by 5, so surfin’ had to finish by around 1100. We started the morning with a quick look at the point With our peerless local guide Greg. […]

Not much at Dee Why… yet

Hello Friends, Was hoping for a bit more energy this morning. But instead awoke to discover that we have about a metre of ESE wind dreck which, were it not for an average period of almost 10 seconds, would be totally uncatchable. If you’re keen, Dee Why is delivering knee high with the odd waist. […]

Sunday late

Hello Friends, Well, that was fun. Drove from Hay to home in a day. As we set out I said to the family, “I wonder where we’ll see the first car with boards on top…” Turned out to be way earlier than I expected. Instead of somewhere near Sydney, I spotted a couple mals atop […]

Waves about

Hello Friends, Swell is now averaging around a metre from the ESE in Sydney. Fortunately the period is 10 seconds, so there are still some fun looking chest high sets at Dee Why beach (and, I have no doubt, numerous other locales). The point is smaller and less consistent, but there are a few bods […]