It’s Tuesday & it’s looking small

Hello Friends, Going to head out for a closer look at the situation shortly. But before I take off, here’s a quick snapshot of the conditions. Wind is light and out of the NE right now, but it’s set to kick up into the 20-25 kt range this afternoon. At the same time, the MHL […]

Foggy start to Ostraya day

Hello Friends, The weather people tell us that the gloomy grey skies along the coast of Sydney will gradually break up by this afternoon and we should have a few sunny periods. Not much of any wind around at the moment, but we should see the the SE’ly build up and be around the 15-20 […]

Holding pattern

  Hello Friends,   AFTERNOON UPDATE: Seems as though there’s a little more activity than this morning. Went by Manly around 2-ish and while there wasn’t much from about North Steyne south, up toward Queensy there were a few junky little onshore things to splash around in. Quality was strictly ordinary it has to be […]

A few little ones around

Hello Friends, Looks as though Huey’s built Sydneysiders a little ESE windswell overnight. The emphasis is on little though, because the numbers are fairly ordinary: 1-2 metres at 8 seconds on average. There is some 11 second stuff in the data, so I’d guess that might account for the chest high set I saw briefly […]