Small and windy but if you’re keen…

Hello Friends, Steady easterly wind of 10-15 kts at 0800 and the Bureau says it will pick up a bit more too. At 0600 the MHL buoy off Long Reef was detecting 2.2 metres of 7.5-sec ESE wind swell and recording a water temp of 24C (probably a degree or two cooler inshore). Next tide’s […]

Thumpin’ Gardens

It was supposed to be stormy and horrible this morning. But it wasn’t. Gardens was firing up bigtime on two and a bit metres of 8 sec ESE swell. I spent over an hour shooting and have just uploaded a fresh gallery of over 200 pics. If you were in the water from about 0930-1100, […]

Swell turns east

Hello Friends, From all the weather forecasts, I’d expected it to be a lot more wild and woolly this morning. Instead the wind was light and the rain was still holding off at 0830. The swell is working around to the east, but the dominant direction early was ESE at a couple metres with an […]

Grey skies but little waves

  Hello Friends, Cool and grey along the beaches this morning, but there are some little ESE windwaves to be had. As the pictures show, it’s not very big, but there are waist to chest high sets for the reasonably large number of keen punters up for the early at Dee Why. With luck the […]

Everyone’s in, where are ya?

It’s the last day of kid cricket season and I really need to be at my daughter’s final game. But what about you? I’m pretty sure 90 percent of people who can surf, or would like to, were in the water this morning. I checked Manly (including the Bower), Freshy and Curly and certainly at […]

A few around

… Hello Friends, Looks like the wind hasn’t picked up quite as much as expected – yet. The Bureau has hoisted the strong wind warning for SE’ly wind ranging from 20-30 kts. They als say we can expect 2-2.5 metres of east swell. The MHL buoy is showing a swerve back toward the SE at […]