Waves this morning

Hello Friends, Sunny breaks, light westerly breeze and around 2 metres of 9 second period ESE swell and tide dropping to a low at 1100 are all adding up to “definitely worth a look” at many beaches this morning. As the pictures show, there are head plus wave faces on the bigger ones at Dee […]

Get in quick

Hello Friends, As suggested yesterday, Tuesday started out with around 10kts of SW wind and scrappy but definitely catchable SSE wind swell. At around 0715, Dee Why point was delivering the odd head plus section and the beach was popping up a few in the same size range. Water looks extremely dodgy and according to […]

Postcard from Cali (& Sydney surf thoughts)

Hello Friends, Seems likely that most Sydney surfers will, like most southern California surfers, be giving it a miss today. The fates are ganging up against northern beaches waterpersons in particular, what with the onshores, rain and the dead whale at Newport potentially luring lots of sharks inshore. ┬áThe Goat’s call from yesterday is lining […]

That’s a wrap

We finished the day with one last sesh at 9-iron reef. An hour or so before dark, with the tide on the turn and coming back in, the SEly sea breeze backed right off and the surface cleaned up. The swell is still rawboned and ragged but it’s definitely on the fade down this way. […]

Calming down, cleaning up

Hello Friends, Cleaner this morning than at this time yesterday – and the swell still pushes on. It’s a touch smaller, but it looks as though the settings are very close to yesterday’s. The wind is lighter too and at the moment it’s offshore. As you can see from the forecast below, it’s set to […]