dy surfer

Hello Friends, Light SSW wind for the early, so surface conditions were comparatively smooth. But the wind’ll swing southerly soon and that, combined with a 0735 high tide, means the 1.5 metres or so of 8 sec SSE wind swell won’t be producing much of interest. If you were out early, before the wind kicked […]

PICS: South Narrabeen Wed 14 Jan 15 late afternoon


South Narrabeen was firing up in autumnesque style late in the afternoon and I managed to get 150 or so pictures of the action. If you were in the water around sunset just north of Marquesas, check ’em out. And if you weren’t, look and weep! (fyi, if you want to see all the pictures, […]

Small waves about this morning

Hello Friends, Nothing special, but definitely a few waist high bumps and lumps around the place this morning as the swell fades away and the tide drops. Big issue, apart from the declining swell energy, is the wind which the Bureau tells us will be onshore before long first from the east then SE then […]

Gardens, dusk, Wed 10 Sept 2014

After shooting at Mona Vale earlier in the day, I lost most of the afternoon to work. But I was able to sneak out just on dusk to grab a few shots of the reeling barrels at South Narrabeen. Very, very few were made, but almost everyone was covered before the inevitable pounding. You can […]

Sunday Sessions: Dee Why and Sth Narra

Spent Sunday morning shooting first at Dee Why (covering mainly the beach, but also the point) and then at South Narrabeen (from a spot roughly a block north of the Sands). Swell was pushing in from the SE at around 11 seconds apart and 2.5 metres. Both spots were very crowded. Crazily so in my […]

Still a few clean ones this morning

  Hello Friends, Swell has shifted away from yesterday’s more easterly mix to something closer to south. There are a few sets about thanks to the 2.5 metres of SSE swell at 9 seconds apart, but it is much less consistent than yesterday. The day started out drizzly and grey, but it was glassy and […]

Surf pic galleries: Gardens, North Narra, Mona Vale & Manly

First surfer picture galleries I’ve posted in absolute yonks. We finally had good shooting conditions and sizable swell on the weekend of the the 16-17th. On Saturday morning I started at Gardens, then moved up to North Narrabeen and finished up at Mona Vale. Next day, I spent an hour or so shooting between North […]

Hello Friends, One of those mornings when you check it out, run an errand, get back and the onshore has started to do its thing. The spot in question was the stretch from Gardens to Wetherill Street. At 0800 it was smooth and glassy. An hour later when I got back with a board, it […]

PICS: Crunchy Sth Narra Sat 28 Aug, 0815-0945

Saturday morning saw a couple metres of south swell with a period of about 10 seconds lighting up beaches around Sydney. South Narrabeen was looking tasty early with offshore conditions. I ended up shooting until the wind started to hack it up at mid-morning. As always, I tried to get shots of anyone who caught […]

Shooting Diary – Northy, Gardens, Curly, Manly

Went shooting this morning and here are the results. The original pics are very high resolution so it is quite possible to get a clean looking pic out of a very small area in the image. Exposure kinda went off the rails, but it’s easily corrected if need be. North Narrabeen 0830-0900 Sat 11 July […]