Gone surfin’: Bower

Jumped in the water for a bit this morning at the Bower. Had the GoPro onboard so I took a few snaps. It was a bit lully, but there were a few solidly overhead bombs and enough of the chest high stuff to go around. Wind gradually roughed it up so that it was pretty […]

Fun this morning

There were waves to be had around the place this morning. Yours truly decided to paddle out for a few at Dee Why point. Crowd was pretty light and though it was inconsistent, every now and then a fun chest plus set would turn up and someone would get lucky…

Snaps from this morning at Dee Why point

Went for a quick dip at the point after checking out Manly and the Bower first. Decided against Manly because not only was it very busy, but although the biggest spot I saw (solidly overhead set wave faces), there were very few makeable sections to be had. Virtually everything was shutting down. Bower was too […]

Video: Go surfing with Don and his GoPro

For those of you who couldn’t get in the water Wednesday morning at Dee Why, here’s a little postcard from me courtesy of my still somewhat dodgy, home built GoPro rig. (Developed with help from vinnies and a bike shop that gave me some inner tubes, for a massive budget of $5). And I know, […]

Video: Dee Why point this morning with a GoPro

Messing around this morning at Dee Why point with a homemade rig to hold a GoPro Hero3. Kinda sorta worked, but further experimentation needed. Anyway, I cut the shots together with a tune from Dave Kowalski. Have a look and then, be nice to me and go make a pledge for the crowdfunding drive! BTW, […]