Small and choppy at Dee Why

Hello Friends, Slightly cool NW wind and sunny skies as Monday got under way. The Bureau says there’s a 90% chance of rain later and that it’ll stay rainy for the next three days at least. We’re in for 20-30 kts of southerly later too, and strong south wind will be a feature for us […]

Marginal to just about flat

Hello Friends, You’ll want to find yourself a stretch of beach with good exposure to the NE this morning. There was a touch under 2 metres of 8-second period wind swell hitting the MHL Sydney buoy at 0500. I’d expect the best spots to be maybe knee to waist high. Wind was light early, and […]

Lumpy bumpy bits and pieces

Hello Friends, A bit more bump around this morning courtesy of yesterday’s wind. Outlook is for wind to be north again this morning at 15-25 kts ahead of a midday southeasterly change. Swell is out of the NE at around the 2 metre mark but with an average period of about 8 seconds. That means […]

Grey skies

Hello Friends, I need to lead off with some sad news. A dear friend in California is very ill in hospital and there is a possibility that I may need to fly up there this week. So I’ve decided to postpone Don’s Surf Party until I know where things are at. It will definitely happen, […]

Hint of increased energy

Hello Friends, High tide isn’t far off (@0940) as I write this. So everything is pretty full and going to stay that way until late morning. On the plus side, the swell energy level has improved a touch. It’s averaging nearly 2 metres from the NE at 8 seconds and the wind is supposed to […]

Little waves about

[starratingmulti id=1 tpl=12] Hello Friends, Well, looks like we have some little waves. Overnight the windswell jumped from one up to two metres from the NE. Period’s only about 8 sec, so we aren’t talking huge and powerful, but there are definitely prospects for fun around the place. Dee Why’s not usually the first place […]

The heat

Hello Friends, Pretty lumpy and messy looking at Dee Why this morning. As expected, the big blow yesterday afternoon and evening pushed up a reasonable amount of short period windswell. Sets at the point were getting toward the shoulder high range on the bigger ones, but the quality is not too impressive. I’d be looking […]