Saturday throws the switch to sunshine

Hello Friends, Had to run the odd errand around midday and since I was out and about I checked the surf again. There sitll aren’t any waves to speak of at Dee Why or Manly for that matter, but both mid to south Curly and North Narrabeen had a few very soft knee to waist […]

A few piccies for you


1000 UPDATE: Perfect conditions wind wise and the 80% chance of rain doesn’t look like applying this morning. North Steyne to Queenscliff was knee to chest and not super consistent, but unlike Curly and Dee Why, it actually had a few banks. Dee Why beach was a riot of pretty shutdowns and the point was […]

Manly and Northy (plus vid)

North Narrabeen as the wind started to build

At 0830 North Steyne looked the goods. Only four people in the water too. Of course you needed to be a very good female surfer to be in the group. High percentage of closeouts along the Manly stretch, but while it was afflicted too, North Steyne had the best waves I would see between Manly […]

Northy little wind swell (vid)

north narrabeen video

Hot Thursday afternoon but happily for the lucky crew at Northy, there were a few soft little peaks on offer to make cooling off all the more pleasant.

Looks like the swell’s starting to fill in at Northy (vid)

north narrabeen surfer

It was tiny this morning, but when I checked Northy around 1100, the swell was clearly evident. Carpark Rights were doing their crunchy thing and although busy, the waves were coming frequently enough that you didn’t have long to wait for your turn. Check out how many takeoff there are in this 90-sec clip…

Ok size at the magnets but…

long reef surfer

Hello Friends, The NE’r was making itself felt at 0700, but there were shoulder plus waves to be had if you were in the right spot at the right time. The combo of 9sec 2.4 metre SE and a similar size NE wind swell was providing ample energy. That said, when I checked the Dee […]

North Narrabeen at midday Christmas Eve


Out on pre-xmas errands and swung by for a look at Northy. Pretty messy, but also reasonably consistent and some fun little sections to be had in the mix. Not super crowded for the circumstances either…

Manly, Northy pics

Around 0900 I checked Manly and then North Narrabeen (via Curly) As you can see from the pictures below, Manly was pretty awful. Hardly anyone in the water there, and around at Curly there were only a scattering of folks right up at the north end. Conditions were raw and messy and although there was […]