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Manly and Northy (plus vid)

Posted by: on February 29th, 2016

At 0830 North Steyne looked the goods. Only four people in the water too. Of course you needed to be a very good female surfer to be in the group. High percentage of closeouts along the Manly stretch, but while it was afflicted too, North Steyne had the best waves I would see between Manly and Northy.
Curly was almost unoccupied and looking uninteresting when I drove by about 0845. It was very busy from Dee Why to Longy, but when you watched, you realised they were all hunting some very rare waist-ish sets. When I pulled in for a look at Longy the SEr was kicking in rapidly. There were more waves at that end of the beach, even a few possibles on the bombies, but the surface was chopping up severely. Stopped at Gardens for a gink as well, but the sideshore was making the sketchy, treacherous looking shutdowns looking not at all attractive. Final stop was Northy where you could see the underlying quality of the swell, but it too was falling apart in the onshores. I shot a video minute to share and then headed for home.

female contest surfer

0830 at North Steyne Australian Open of Surfing

north steyne

Just before the sideshores kicked in

north steyne woman surfing

Women in the water for the early heats on Monday

long reef kite

You wouldn’t want to be a mouse or a lizard

A few waves in Manly this morning (vid)

Posted by: on February 26th, 2016
fairy bower surfer

Fun little faces on the sets at the Bower 1100

Paddled out at the Bower this morning on spec. My theory was that there might be the occasional solid set in the mix. Turned out that I was right. Water’s dropped several degrees too. Sets seemed to be getting a little more frequent as the morning went on – and the tide filled in. Biggest wave face I saw would’ve been around the head mark. Mostly though the rideable ones were more like chestish.

Later, driving home, I stopped at North Steyne for a look and shot the video minute below. Looks like they’ll have solid swell for the start of the contest.

North Steyne at 0900 (vid)

Posted by: on January 25th, 2016

Dark grey skies and chop-inducing light easterly onshore with a high tide at North Steyne this morning when I stopped to shoot a video minute. The two metre 12-sec east swell was quite consistent and though most waves were unmakeable shutdowns, the fun ones were reasonably plentiful for the sizable crowd.

Manly and Curly seen

Posted by: on June 11th, 2015

Went by Manly and Curly this morning around 0900 and can report that from about North Steyne to Queensie there were a few weak little peaks offering mal-able moments for the keen.

north steyne surfer

Styling on a tiny North Steyne section this morning


Around the corner at Curly there were a few bods hanging out at the south end and some more up the beach. It looked very inconsistent and when the waves came, they were mostly pretty fat. I guess the bank situation at Curly is still pretty ordinary. Been a long time since we’ve had any quality there.

south curl curl wave

Fat looking and inconsistent but catchable at south Curly

Have yourself a great Thursday!

PICS: North Steyne, Wednesday morning 20 August

Posted by: on August 20th, 2014

Another chilly and southerly morning, but, as on Monday, there was a window of opportunity for surfers at Manly’s North Steyne. Did a bit of shooting from just north of the surf club before the rain set in again and I had to scurry away…
Click the pic to jump to the gallery!

Peak at North Steyne

North Steyne, Wednesday morning, 20 August 2014 (145 pics)

Surf pic galleries: Gardens, North Narra, Mona Vale & Manly

Posted by: on March 17th, 2013

Gardening Saturday morning

First surfer picture galleries I’ve posted in absolute yonks. We finally had good shooting conditions and sizable swell on the weekend of the the 16-17th. On Saturday morning I started at Gardens, then moved up to North Narrabeen and finished up at Mona Vale. Next day, I spent an hour or so shooting between North Steyne and Queenscliff before the wind got just too crazy!
SATURDAY morning, 16 March 2013

(above) Gardens, Narrabeen. 3-4 metres of east swell, incoming tide and light winds. Thumping sets that you mostly needed a tow to get into.

(above) North Narrabeen. Big sets, kinda all over the place, but some nicely weighty sections to be had by the crew.

(above) Mona Vale. Big too, but tide really starting to affect it. In half an hour only got a few shots… still, if you were out there, they might be of interest!


(above) Between North Steyne and Queenscliff SLSC’s seemed to be about the best of it. Wind was picking up steadily as I shot between about 1000 & 1100. Quite consistent and lots of folks, so I got a reasonable number of shots…

PICS by Don: Sunday, last of the swell at Manly and North Narrabeen

Posted by: on June 6th, 2011

Sunday saw the swell swing a bit more to the SE as it began to fade. Still there were some magnificent waves to be had for the fortunate crew who were on them at Manly. I shot for an hour from near the North Steyne surfclub. Ended up with almost 400 shots of regular surfers getting some uncommonly good waves on a sunny morning.

Late in the afternoon, after going for a fun surf myself at Dee Why point, I went up to North Narrabeen for the sunset show. Not really expecting to find much, I was surprised to discover that there were still some very tasty and often quite makeable little barrels coming through. Some very deep pits to be had if you could hold your line.

As usual, by clicking on any of the pics below you’ll be taken to the complete gallery for that session. And, as usual, I was aiming to get extraordinary shots of ordinary surfers… enjoy and don’t forget, all pics are available for purchase at various sizes.

Manly (North Steyne mostly) 0830-0930 391 pics!

Click pic above to go to the entire Manly gallery

North Narrabeen at dusk 165 pics

Click pic above to see the entire Northy Sunday pm gallery

Pics by Don: Saturday South Narra tow-ins, North Narra smokin’, Manly styling

Posted by: on June 6th, 2011

If Friday was astounding, Saturday was every bit as good! I started proceedings by shooting a tow-in crew working the otherwise unmakeable shutdowns along South Narrabeen from about 0800 to 0850. Then it was on to Northy to shoot the very substantial crowd surfing in essentially perfect conditions. If you were in the water there between 0900-1015 and you caught a wave, there is a very good chance I caught you doing it! After lunch, I made my way to Manly and shot the outstanding waves there between 1300-1430.

As always, clicking the pics below will take you to the relevant gallery – and remember, all pictures are for sale!

South Narrabeen tow-ins 0800-0850 – 90 pics

click image above to visit the gallery

North Narrabeen 0850-1015 – 523 pics!

Click pic above to see the North Narrabeen gallery

Manly 1330-1430 – 159 pics

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PICS by Don: North Steyne Tue 10 May

Posted by: on May 11th, 2011

It was a sunny day in Sydney and Manly’s North Steyne was producing a steady supply of chest to head high sets for a keen crowd of punters. I set up the camera out in front of the SLSC and started shooting at around 1130. Over the next hour I managed to get a couple hundred snaps of surfers having fun. As always my aim was to catch regular folks at the peak moment(s). Click either of the pics to jump to the gallery.

PICS: Manly pumping Saturday midday 5 June

Posted by: on June 6th, 2010

Manly was one of the spots lighting up on Saturday as an ESE swell pushed into an offshore wind. I set up the 650mm and shot for over an hour and a half at a location just south of North Steyne.

Manly-Sat 5 June 2010 (1200-1330) – Images by Don Norris

Just one of 180 shots taken between noon and 1330.