Saturday tiny style

dy surfer

Hello Friends At 0500 the MHL buoy was showing a metre of E swell with a period of 11 seconds. So we have about the same energy levels as yesterday at the same time, but the swell’s not coming from the SE. Wind at report time was light and west; it’s set to go north […]

Saturday very small but not quite absolutely flat (vid)

Hello Friends, Gotta be keen this morning. Waves were really tiny at Northy, Longy and Dee Why, but there were folks amongst ’em as the sun came over the horizon. Set wave faces were struggling to make the waist high mark, so you really wanted your floatiest wave tool. Although the MHL buoy was reporting […]

Small waves about this morning

Hello Friends, Nothing special, but definitely a few waist high bumps and lumps around the place this morning as the swell fades away and the tide drops. Big issue, apart from the declining swell energy, is the wind which the Bureau tells us will be onshore before long first from the east then SE then […]

Well, well, swell, swell, swell

Hello Friends Weent out around midday with camera and board. First stop was Northy, but the crew up there were having a contest on the main peak, so I watched a few, grabbed a snap and went looking elsewhere. Bellyboarder-extraordinare Frank had tipped Curly for a possible picture taking opportunity, so I wandered that way. […]

PICS: Nth Narra, Thr am, last sets of the NE swell…

The NE swell that lit things up yesterday was on the fade this morning. But it wasn’t gone and Northy the patient crew were still jagging a few sweet ones on a sunny, offshore start to the day. I shot for an hour or so… As usual all images are available in various resolutions (without […]

100 pics: Busy Northy had a few this morning

Northy was picking up the east swell Thursday morning. Got there maybe an hour before the wind started taking it apart. Quite crowded but I stuck around because my mate the legendary Tom Kirsop was out in the lineup and I wanted to see if I could get a pic of him. Being 80 and […]

Shooting Diary – Northy, Gardens, Curly, Manly

Went shooting this morning and here are the results. The original pics are very high resolution so it is quite possible to get a clean looking pic out of a very small area in the image. Exposure kinda went off the rails, but it’s easily corrected if need be. North Narrabeen 0830-0900 Sat 11 July […]