Marginal Thursday

Hello Friends, At 0615 wind was lightly out of the NE to ENE along the Sydney region’s beaches. Skies were overcast with a distinct chance of the odd shower and tide was dropping toward the low at 1010. Climbing aloft to the RealSurf crows nest, I knew not to expect to see much down at […]

Maybe knee high somewhere

Hello Friends, Again very small to near flat this morning. We have about a metre of 10 sec period south swell coming in according to the MHL buoy data. When I first scoped it from the crows nest a little before 0700, there was a tiny knee-ish high line trickling into the southern end of […]

Still tiny but a hint of improvement… maybe…

Hello Friends, Swell has perked ever so slightly this morning. But it’s out of the south at only about a metre, so you’ll do well to pick up something in the waist high range at exposed spots. Looked to be a long wait for really fairly feeble waves. There were only three people in the […]

Nothin’ much folks

Hello Friends, Only tiny, infrequent lines appearing at Dee Why this morning. One person was in the water up the beach from the SLSC at about 0700, but I didn’t see them come close to catching anything. I’d say you’d be doing pretty well if you found anything to propel you toward the sand this […]

Running around

Thought I’d head up the peninsula to see if the swell was doing anything interesting. Drove as far as Avalon where I discovered a small group at the south end waiting and waiting for the very occasional shoulder high set wave. Watched for quite awhile before deciding it was just too inconsistent to set up […]

Fading fast, get it while you can

Hello Friends, The story of the morning is that our lovely run of swell and weather is fading rapidly away. This morning the MHL buoy is showing that the primary swell direction is pretty close to dead south and the average height at sea is just a hair above a metre. The only setting that […]

Back to tinyness, sorry Sydney

Hello Friends, Coming on to a high tide at 0830, the waves of Sydney were once again marginal thanks to a much diminished south swell and a less than delectable serving of SSE wind to go with it. Biggest set wave I saw was around the waist high mark. Not all that appetizing it has […]

PICS: Sat morning 3 July DY point

The light was good and there were a few long period set waves showing up at Dee Why early on Saturday morning. So I wandered down to the point to see what was what. Quite a few bods in the water enduring very, very long waits between the sets. Still, I got a few pics […]

Looks like a morning to sleep in…

Hello Friends Don’t like the look of those pics PB grabbed this morning. Yes, it’s undeniably lovely, mild and sunny, but there is next to nothing happening on the wave front. At Dee Why beach, the only people catching anything were in a surfboat (I guess it’s just a plain boat this morning). It’s damn […]

Sunny but small

Hello Friends, Lovely morning for Saturday in Sydney, but the surf prospects are not too flash. If you’re extra keen, you might be able to extract a knee to waist high set wave at a south facing spot. The swell out at sea is coming from the south at about 10 seconds apart on average. […]