Little something showing at south spots

Hello Friends, We seem to have little waves this morning at Dee Why. Nothing spectacular but the MHL buoy is showing 7-8sec south wind swell at a couple metres, so there are sets into the chest high range (although mostly it’s a lot smaller). There wasn’t enough energy to get the point going, but up […]

Picked up a bit

Hello Friends, The wind swell is still dead south this morning. It bumped up during the morning yesterday and is holding at around 2 metres. Too bad the average period of 7 seconds means that the sets are few and far between and for the most part not all that impressive. Okay, on with the […]

Easter Friday and we have waves

Hello Friends, Wandered down to the beach a little after 0900 to see if I could find anything worth taking pictures of. First stop was Curly where in the course of around 40 mins, it went from good size buy marginally onshore to good size but thoroughly hacked up. It was tough going getting waves […]

Grey, drizzle, yep it’s summer 2010

Hello Friends, You may have noticed that we don’t exactly have beach weather this morning. Cloudy skies, the odd light shower drifting down on the steady SSW wind and no obvious sign of swell. The MHL buoy reports a couple metres of south swell at just 7 seconds apart, but as you can see from […]