Swell fading fast but still a few this morning

dy point surfer

Hello Friends, As expected, energy levels have dropped off dramatically in the last 24 hours. Yesterday we had triple overhead faces on the bombs at the point, this morning looked waist to chest on the bigger ones. Wind was light from the WNW when the pictures were taken and tide was just past the high […]

Surfin’ Saturday for Sydney

Hello Friends, Interesting mix of NE and SE swell this morning in Sydney. The SE component was dominant and according to the MHL data wwas 1.5 metres at 9 seconds. So, it’s definitely smaller than yesterday. That said, I saw chest plusses at North Narrabeen, Long Reef and No Man’s on my run around this […]

Look around and you might get lucky

Hello Friends, Don’tcha hate it when you sleep in and miss out? That was your correspondent this morning. Doing the run to Manly and back this morning revealed beautiful, if tiny offshore conditions along the beaches. Manly was knee to waist plus, inconsistent and kind of weak looking. Swell was out of the SE at […]

Glassy little waves around this morning

Hello Friends, 1.5 metres of 9-sec SE wind swell and light winds under drizzly grey skies was delivering a somewhat scrappy selection of knee to chest high waves – depending where you were. Curly was a bit bigger than Dee Why, so choice of beach will matter. Wind should be into it before much longer. […]

Faded (almost) away

Hello Friends, 0940 update: Saw Manly and Curly this morning around 0830 and both were better looking than Dee Why. Manly was clean and mostly shutting down but delivering the odd interesting section thanks to various peaks between about mid-Steyne and Queensie. Curly was bumpier and lumpier, but also bigger and again, if you were […]

Glassy early and a little line or two

Hello Friends, Smooth surface conditions to start, with about 1.5 metres of 9 second period SE wind swell delivering a few modest opportunities for a small number of punters at Dee Why as Thursday kicked off. Set wave faces looked to be in the waist high range at both the beach and the point. It […]

Little waves for the first day of 2014

Happy New Year Friends, Swell’s faded overnight, but I did see at least one set wave in the shoulder high range at Dee Why around 0930. According to the MHL data, at 0600 the main swell energy was coming out of the southeast at about 9 seconds apart. Average size out at sea was 1.5 […]

Sunday fun day

Hello Friends, It may have been bigger yesterday, but the quality was really pretty awful. Today the swell has dropped but it’s coming mainly from the SSE at close to 9 seconds apart with an average size at sea of around 1.3 metres. For Dee Why beach at just on high tide (0840) the aforementioned […]

Waves for the early risers

Hello Friends, Swell on the fade, but this morning saw some really fun looking peaks along the Dee Why stretch. Energy is mainly coming from the SE at 9 seconds apart. It’s averaging about 1.5 metres out at sea, but on the beach there were chest plus peaks showing. Not much wind about early, but […]

Morning wavelets for those interested

Hello Friends, Little waves to be had this morning. Similar to yesterday in that the wind was NW early and the tide was coming up (high’s at 0850). Wind will be around to the east to NE later this morning and that will take a lot of options off the list. Swell is mainly out […]