Grey, smooth and just about flat


Hello Friends, Only a metre of 7-sec SE wind bump to work with this morning in Sydney. Tide was low at 0520 and at report time the wind was a barely-there westerly zephyr under hazy grey skies. Another morning for getting some exercise on the SUP or going for a swim etc because you’re unlikely […]

Dramatic drop but not flat- yet

dy beach

Hello Friends, Swell’s faded overnight but there are still waves to be had at magnets. Sets at Dee Why look to be knee plus this morning, but not too frequent. The point’s not doing anything though. According to the MHL buoy, there was about a metre of mainly SE 7-sec wind swell. Tide was low […]

Plan B day at Dee Why

dy point

Hello Friends, High clouds made for a grey morning along the beaches. Winds were light from the NW and swell was around a metre from the south at 9 seconds. This was producing ankle to knee high bumps at Dee Why, although I’d say from looking at the cams, you could find a knee to […]

Rain and tiny for this morning in Sydney

rain on the window pane

Hello Friends, At 0400 there was a fair amount of precipitation west of Sydney, heading east. Wind was lightly offshore and the MHL buoy’s 0200 report showed 0.8 metre from the SE at 10 seconds. Tide will be high at 0825. Sounds like a great morning to skip the dawn patrol and to get on […]

Very small and no takers early

dy point wave

Hello Friends, Cloudy with a 90% prospect of more rain later as the day got started. Dee Why point was empty and I couldn’t see anyone in the water along the bits of the beach I can see from the crowsnest. Wind was light and from the west and a metre or so of swell […]

Grey, rainy, glassy – and some waves

Hello Friends, Around 0845 when I grabbed the first pictures of the day, it was looking glassy and waist plus on the sets along the beach at Dee Why. A surprisingly healthy turn-out too, especially given the gloomy, showery and generally unlovely weather. Swell’s showing as coming from the SE, but a glance at the […]

Small, no, really tiny, Sunday

Hello Friends, If you couldn’t surf today, what would you do? Well, do that. ­čÖé We have a faint 7 second period SE wind swell lapping feebly into the beaches of Sydney on this warm autumn morning. Tide was high at about 10 to 7 and will be dropping to low at 1320 or so. […]

Still going sideways this morning

Hello Friends, Not looking too interesting this morning. We don’t seem to have the fog of the last couple days (not warm enough over the land), and the winds were light early. Swell is a barely-there ┬ámetre or so from the SE with a 7 second period. Just not happening. Gotta run some errands, so […]

Another warm and very hazy morning

Hello Friends, At 0900 the visibility along the northern beaches was only about 1km and therefore it was too gloomy to take a picture for this report. From what I could see though, the energy levels are still very feeble. The MHL buoy was indicating a primary swell direction from the SE. Average size is […]

Small but not utterly flat

Hello Friends, Heavy cloud lurking off to the south when I grabbed a snap of Dee Why beach this morning a little before 0730. The MHL buoy off Sydney is still not reporting in, so my guess is that the swell is out of the SE at around a metre with an average period somewhere […]