Micro Monday

Hello Friends, I was hoping there’d at least be a tiny line showing in Dee Why this morning, but once I’d climbed aloft and scanned the situation from the RealSurf crows nest, it was sadly apparent that we were in for another day of microness. There is a little twitch showing on the buoy data […]

Real quiet out there

Hello Friends, Not your most dramatically wonderful morning for surf at Dee Why. The swell has faded to just under a metre from the SE at about 8 seconds apart. There is still some longer period component in the mix – which is probably why there’s at least the odd knee to waist high set […]

We’re waiting patiently Huey

Hello Friends, No waves to speak of at Dee Why this morning. And such a pretty (if chilly) day too. There were a couple bods in the water, so maybe I wasn’t patient enough to wait for a set to turn up for the picture. There isn’t anything of interest showing in the buoy data […]

Take the floaty-est one in your quiver

    Hello Friends, Light offshores and a small to tiny SE wind swell of about a metre at 8 seconds apart was lighting up the odd low tide peak this morning along the Dee Why to Longy stretch. And, I should imagine, various other SE spots around the Sydney region will be producing similar […]

Hot and tiny

Hello Friends, Already warm as the sun came over the horizon this morning. Heading to 36 along the coast and 41 inland, so there will be lots of folks jockeying for parking spots at the beach today. Doesn’t look as though there will be anything much in the waves department though. Sets at North Narrabeen […]

About the same, maybe a touch smaller

Hello Friends, The swell’s gone a bit more to the SE in the last 24 hours, so there just might be a few more small offerings around the place this morning. We have a low tide around 1300 today, so tide’s running out all morning. According to the MHL data for Sydney, the average heights […]

Rainy start

Hello Friends, We woke up to the sound of rain on the roof and the swish of tyres on wet streets this morning. And surfers woke up to an ocean of calmness. From the look of Dee Why this morning, it’s going to be a challenge to catch much of anything there at all. The […]

Pics: Curl Curl 1030-1110 Sat 8 May 2010

A gallery of 130 shots taken this morning at mid-Curly. I was there from around 1030 to 1110, so if you were in the water then, check ’em out! As usual, if you want a high res version of any of these without the copyright watermark, they are for sale. Curl Curl Sat 8 May […]

Faded but not flat

Hello Friends, Swell energy has dropped back quite a bit since this time yesterday. Swell is currently around the metre mark with an average period of 8 seconds. On the plus side, it’s moved a touch more to the SSE, so that may help slightly. There was a smallish crew waiting at Dee Why point […]

Corker of a Sunday and little waves too

Hello Friends, Sunday started in fine form. Light winds and a little SE windswell greeted the early risers. At Dee Why what appears to be the sole peak was well occupied. Folks were catching waves with faces into the chest high range. I’d guess those bigger ones were the 10 sec period sets. According to […]