Not much happening

Hello Friends, Not quite flat, but getting there this morning at Dee Why. Only a few bods splashing about on knee high crumblers at the point. Looks a touch bigger down the beach, but there seems to be a surf carnival of some sort going on too. A spring weekend with cloudy skies and sunny […]

Small SE wind waves for the early

Hello Friends, Glassy little SE wind swell making its way into the beaches of Sydney this morning. Swell is about a metre with an average period of 8 seconds. Tide hit high at 0630, so it was pretty fat and full for the early risers. That said, surface conditions were glassy under the dull grey […]

Little but not quite flat

Hello Friends, Late last night when I checked the buoys, I hoped we were in for an improvement this morning but it seems not to have eventuated. Swell has moved more to the SE but it’s still only averaging about a metre out at sea on a marginal 8-9 second period. At Dee Why that […]

Little lines about

Hello Friends, The numbers from the MHL buoy are pretty ordinary – only a metre of short period SE windswell for Sydney this morning. The early risers at Dee Why were on ’em though because every now and then something sort’ve rideable was popping up. Biggest one I saw was maybe around the chest high […]