Hello Friends, Light southerly breeze, clearing showers and a fading SE swell this morning. Surface conditions are junky and only a few extra keen folk in the water at Dee Why point. No one having a go around at the Collaroy-Narrabeen stretch because it’s dropped to unsurfable at the south end and blown […]

SE all day every day…

Hello Friends, Could the endless SE’r be giving it up soon? According to this morning’s marine forecast for the Sydney region, it should go around to the NE this afternoon. Meanwhile, at 0500 the swell was 2m from the SE with an average period pushing up toward 10 seconds. Not a bad set of numbers […]

More energy

Hello Friends, Swell power levels have bumped up this morning. The dominant direction was SE, the average height at sea was 2 metres and the average period was about 9 seconds. There was also some 11 second component so every now and then a quite distinct set would show in the generally sloppy conditions. A […]

Sunday morning happening

Hello Friends, Huey’s feeling generous this morning kids. Swell angle is perfect for most of Sydney, coming as it does from the SE at a couple metres at 9 seconds (with the odd 11 second bomb). Dee Why is about as populated as you’d expect it to be on a cool and sunny autumn Sunday […]

Late mail: junky but fun size

Hello Friends, Sorry about that. The server decided to stop serving at early this morning and it took me some time to figure out what needed doing. There are waves to be had, but they’ve been very junky thus far today. After peaking late last night, the SE swell is pushing in at around 2 […]

A Saturday with waves…whadya know

Hello Friends, Since I have Canon’s schmick 5D MkII and a 100-400mm lens to test (good being a photo mag editor!) at the moment, I wandered around looking for waves to take pictures of. Found some at Cooks Tce where a small group were basically risking board and limb to get into some very crunchy […]

Smaller, but far from flat

Hello Friends, With a wave of its magic wand, the Bureau has banished the rain forecast and we now learn we’re in for a run of fine weather. This morning there’s still cloud about and the swell has dropped markedly. Happily it’s nothing like flat. Indeed, as one of my pictures shows, there are still […]

There you have it: Sunday done

Hello Friends, As we ran out of light, I climbed aloft to the RealSurf crow’s nest and grabbed a snap of the situation. I thought it looked a bit bigger and more consistent than around midday when I’d gone in for a wave. And sure enough, the MHL data shows that right about then the […]

A few waves around

Hello Friends, Looks as though we have a little ESE windswell this morning with the odd longer period set mixed in. Winds were light at 0700 and the outlook is for them to move around to the NE as we head toward noon. As the pic shows, there are at least occasional chest to shoulder […]

Cleaned up, looking fun

Hello Friends, Well, as I’d hoped, the swell’s cleaning up as it fades and this morning’s dawn patrol has turned out to be a good thing at spots like Dee Why. Both the point and the beach are seeing some solid head high to a little overhead sets. Not surprisingly the combo of swell, blue […]