In search of Huey

Hello Friends, The dull situation remains largely unchanged from yesterday. We have a weak SSE wind swell of maybe 1.5 metres with an average period of around 7 seconds. That means feeble little knee to waist high things scudding softly into the sands of Dee Why. Tide’s coming in to a high at 1030 and […]

Surprised by cleanness this morning

Hello Friends, Cold enough for you this morning? At least the blasting southerly of yesterday evening is not in evidence as Friday gets started. Plus, there’s actually a little bit of SSE wind swell showing at Dee Why, so methinks there will be a few more places offering something similar. Sets look to be in […]

Take a pass

Hello Friends, Nothing really going on at Dee Why this morning. The wind swell is out of the SSE at 1.5 metres with an average period of about 7 seconds. Too gutless and small to attract any interest at Dee Why under the lowering skies that promise rain later. It’s quiet now, but Huey’s winding […]

Clean but small under cloudy skies

Hello Friends, Just a tiny line showing at Dee Why this morning. Swell direction has moved a touch and is now out of the SSE. It’s around the 1.5 metre mark on average with a period of 7 seconds. Windswell in a word. There were a few bods at Dee Why centre catching little things […]

Grey, glassy and small …but surfable

Hello Friends, Another morning of gloomy skies (the Bureau says there’s an 80 percent chance of rain). The wind was light early, so that meant glassy knee to waist high plus sets at Dee Why from the small, short period SSE windswell. The wind is expected to push up into the 10-20 kt range by […]