Wed: Energy levels up over yesterday

dy beach

Hello Friends, Early risers scored at Dee Why this morning. Clear skies, a light offshore and wonder of wonders, a clean looking 1.5 metre 10-sec SSE swell sending in shoulder plus bombs for the beach and waist to chest for the (empty) point. The Bureau says the wind is going around to the S to […]

Smooth and glassy early

Hello Friends, Added some pics! Wind was light westerly this morning at daybreak and swell was showing 1.5 metres from the SSE at a touch under 10 sec. Next tide is a low at 1115. Bureau says the wind will be coming up from the SE and be 10-15 kts under partly cloudy skies with […]

Faded and fading but not flat

Hello Friends, A lovely 5 degrees at 0700 when I climbed aloft for my first look at the sea today. It wasn’t detering a hardy band of keen types from getting amongst the fading south swell down at Dee Why though. There were a few bods sitting hopefully at the point, but that looked to […]

Small now… but massive swell heading our way

    Hello Friends, At 0800 the MHL buoy off Dee Why was showing 1.5 metres of SSE swell at 10 seconds. Meanwhile, down at Eden the swell has well and truly arrived. Overnight it ramped from around 2 metres at 8 seconds, to 6 metres at 13 seconds from the SSE. The seas on […]

Setty but something early

Hello Friends, According to the latest from the Bureau, the little set I watched arrive at Dee Why this morning should be a harbinger of more to come as a south pulse begins to fill in along the Sydney coastlne. As the tide drops to a low at midday, the swell is expected to get […]

Snaps from this morning

Hello Friends, Went for a splash at Long Reef bombies this morning and then did a bit of shooting down the beach toward the lagoon entrance. Longy was its usual random self but every now and again you could get something into the head high range. Meanwhile, south along the beach toward the Lagoon there […]

Saturday wrap

Hello Friends, Swell faded through the day, but there were still the occasional bomb sets at the really exposed spots. I spent some time hanging out with a couple mates at Dee Why, so I got a good chance to check out the action at the beach and point. There were a couple zones of […]