Very small but maybe if you’re lucky

Hello Friends, Well, call me surprised. Looking at conditions last night, and taking the forecast and models into account, I figured this morning would be flat. Happily I can report it isn’t. In fact the swell has come up slightly from yesterday and as of 0500 was out of the SSE at about a metre […]

Even if you’re very keen…

Hello Friends, In line with the low expectations, this morning sees another day of waiting around for something to happen. I suppose if you had a kayak or something of similar buoyancy, it might be possible to pick up a little energy every now and then. But I think that’d be quite an ask where […]

Rainy old morning

Hello Friends, Swell is still out of the S by SSE this morning. It’s showing half the size on the MHL buoys though. On the other hand, the average period has improved to 11 seconds. The end result is chest high sets on the beach and infrequent and smaller ones at the point. Tide was […]

Saturday fun day

Hello Friends, Beautiful Saturday morning in Sydney and as an extra bonus, we have a few small SSE waves too. Nothing big, but the period was a reasonable 11 seconds or so and that means the occasional chest high set turning up at spots such as Dee Why that like the swell direction. The models […]

Winding down

Hello Friends, Hope you got a few over the weekend because this morning looks like the tail end of the swell for Sydney. Last night on dusk I was down at Dee Why with my mate Barry for some fishing and it was obvious that the swell was fading. The sets were not only less […]