Rainy morning

Hello Friends, Waiting for the rain to let up to grab a picture for you. From what I could see though, there isn’t going to be much to share. At 0700, the MHL Sydney buoy was showing 2 metres of 7-sec S-SSE wind swell. Wind is SSE at about 10-15 kts. Going by the forecast, […]

SSE wind friendly spots only

Hello Friends, Steady 10-15 kts of SSE wind was working over the surface conditions at Dee Why beach when I checked for the first time this morning at about 0815. Quite a crew in trying to make something of the very choppy and messy chest to chest plus sets. Tide was heading toward low and […]

Small and lumpy looking

Hello Friends, We have a little, sloppy SSE wind swell washing in this morning. Looking at the Sydney directional spectra, the dominant energy is coming from the S-SE at about 7 seconds apart. It’s a couple of metres out at sea, but the biggest sets I saw at Dee Why were struggling to make the […]

Southerly early and small too

Hello Friends, Blergh. Hard to be enthusiastic about surfin’ this morning when the wind is anywhere from 10 to 20 kts plus at 0630 and the ripped up two metre SSE wind swell has an average period of maybe 7 seconds.The wind’s set to keep at it all day and through most of tomorrow when […]

A very blerghy Christmas Eve

Hello Friends, Grey skies, 10 kts of SE wind and a couple metres of short period SE wind swell do not the prettiest of pictures make. Unless you are super, ultra, extra keen, I’d say attending to various holiday chores and associated hilarity would be the plan for today. Yes, if you really want to, […]

Hello Friends, At the chaotic end of my trip, hence lack of peeps from me. Looks like a pretty ordinary sort of conditions in Sydey this morning with only short period wind swell from the south. With luck though it will be sort of doing something to lure the super keen… tomorrow afternoon looks a […]

Grey, messy, small, but you might be able to jag one

Hello Friends, Looks like another good day for the office or school. There are some messy little waves trying to get into Dee Why. I’m still waiting for the light to improve a bit before grabbing a snap, but I can tell you there were a few folks in the water having a go in […]