Rainy and not interesting yet

Hello Friends, Managed to grab a pic of the point between showers and as you can see it wasn’t looking too red hot. Wind is SSE at 15 kts as I tap this out t 0740. The most recent MHL data shows a touch under 2 metres of 8-sec SSE wind swell. Not a day […]

Offshore and waves Sunday morning

Hello Friends, Well, we had a break in the weather along with offshores for the early risers. Set wave faces at 0830 were in the chest plus range along the beach and at the point. Crowds were not too bad either. As of 0600, the MHL buoy was showing 2 metres at 8 seconds from […]

Waiting for a friendly wave

Hello Friends, A little shower had just passed when I climbed aloft to scan the scene down at Dee Why. Swell has, as expected, dropped back from yesterday. Quite a bit actually. Although the swell’s still around the two metre mark and coming more or less from the SSE, the average period has come back […]

Windy again? Yup. East this time.

Hello Friends, East early, going east southeast later. SE wind swell of a touch under two metres at 8 seconds apart is making its way in, but the junky surface conditions have made it too unattractive to lure any punters. Tide is low around 0815, so if it weren’t for that wind, it’d be pretty […]

Little more on offer this morning

1400: wind dropping, swell south at two metres with an average period of 12 seconds. I might go have another look in that case… Hello Friends, A number of folk in the water at Dee Why before 0700 this morning to chase the waist to chest high SSE swell. According to the MHL buoy it’s […]

More waves but getting a little smaller

Hello Friends, Running a bit late this morning, apologies. S-SSW winds are staying clear of Dee Why this morning and the gradually fading south to SSE swell is hanging in there at around the two metre mark with an average period of about 8 seconds. There seems to be some longer period stuff in the […]

Grey, gloomy but surf to be had

Hello Friends, Steady drizzle this morning but the swell has stayed around the 2 metre range since midday yesterday, but the direction has moved to a more favourable SE setting and the period has increased to about the 8 second mark. It’s a combination that delivers chest high and the odd bigger one to Dee […]

Might find one if you look around

Hello Friends, Quick version: there were waves at first light. Nothing spectacular because the two metre SSE swell has an average period of 8 seconds. There are some 10 sec period sets in the mix and it is probably those that are providing the occasional chest high take off for the hardy crew who were […]

Cold and wet stuff falling from sky

Hello Friends, Cold and showery start to proceedings today. Worse, Huey’s dialled the power setting down overnight from 10 to 8 seconds. Otherwise he’s left the other controls in place – ie swell coming from the SSE at an average height of 2 metres. At the beachy the waves are in the waist to shoulder […]


Hello Friends, At first light, the wind was light and out of the WNW along the northern beaches. But it won’t stay that way for long. We have a strong wind warning for southerlies later (see details below). The latest swell data from the MHL buoy is showing a couple metres of 8 second period […]