Waiting for Huey

Hello Friends, Another chilly start for Sydney this morning. According to the MHL data we have about a metre of SSW 6 second windswell. But as the pictures show, there was a small but well defined line making its way in at Dee Why. No one was in the water, save a lone kayaker, so […]

Uh-oh, looks tiny

Hello Friends, At first light, Dee Why presented a picture of calm, of stillness, of placidity and of near flatness. A single figure could be seen lazily stroking just off the beach on his SUP as the first rays of 17 March 2009 arrived at the northern beaches. Wind was light to begin with and […]

No luck this end

Hello Friends, What can you say? There’s no joy about having called it when calling it means it’s flat. So, I guess that makes this a lack of surf report. Do you like wind? I can offer you a job lot of W-SW of 20-30 kts to start the day. It’s supposed to back off […]

Oh dear, looking small…

Hello Friends, Well, as anticipated yesterday, the energy levels have dropped away to just about nothin’ overnight. Yesterday evening there were a few tiny little lines coming in at dusk when I went for a walk down near Long Reef. The biggest ones were struggling to get to waist high, so it wasn’t too amazing. […]