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Warriewood STP partially treated discharge at 1215

Posted by: on January 27th, 2015

1230, Tue 27 January 2015
Surfrider Foundation received the following text message from Sydney Water re Warriewood STP:

“Partially treated discharge at Warriewood at 1215 today 27/01. Flows receiving wet weather treatment.”

Surfrider Foundation Slams Abbott Plan to Ban Future Marine Parks

Posted by: on July 28th, 2010

The peak coastal organisation Surfrider Foundation Australia has come out strongly against Tony Abbott’s sudden ban on new marine parks and has accused him of “eco vandalism” and “dog-fish-whistling”.

“The claim that marine parks harm tourism and fishing is totally untrue and irresponsible,” said the Chairman of the Surfrider Foundation Australia Board Dr Rex Campbell.

“Fishing and fish stocks improve greatly near areas where marine parks and sanctuaries have been created.”

“While Mr Abbott was filleting the 4kg Barramundi yesterday, I had to ask myself, was he fish-mongering or scare-mongering?” said Dr. Campbell. “Plus I wondered if the barramundi got to be 4kg only because it grew up in a protected sanctuary?”.

Surfrider Foundation is calling on all political parties to proclaim more marine sanctuaries, not less, to ensure protection against overfishing, oil spills, shipping hazards, whaling, offshore pollution and to grow tourism.

It would appear that Mr Abbott is purposefully blurring the line between marine parks and No Take zones, which typically are a small percentage of any marine park. Marine parks themselves constitute a miniscule amount of Australia’s nearly 36,000 kilometers mainland coastline and the 24,000 kilometers of island coastline.

Marine parks are multiple-use, meaning that a wide range of activities, including fishing, are allowed in many areas.

Marine sanctuaries are smaller areas within the marine park and are no-take, meaning that fishing and extractive activities such as oil drilling, is not allowed.

“The fishing industry scare campaign surrounding marine parks has been very successful, but the facts do not back up the fears. Marine sanctuaries actually help tourism and help recreational fishing.”

“I was heavily into fishing and diving long before I rode my first wave”, says Surfrider Foundation Australia Director Gene Hardy.
“I’ve recently been holidaying in an area within the iconic Ningaloo Marine Park, and enjoyed incredible fishing near large marine sanctuary areas.”

“It’s a simple concept, preserve some reasonably large areas as breeding / conservation areas and you are going to get spill over into your mixed fishing zones.”

“It’s not about stopping people fishing – sanctuaries work.”

“In fact the last thing anybody wants, especially serious fisherman, is to decimate our fish stocks so that no one can go fishing.”

“I want my daughter’s children to be able to catch their dinner the same way I have.” Said Mr Hardy.

“Surfrider Foundation fights for a clean oceans, not “cleaned out” oceans and calls on the Coalition to review this policy as this proposition simply will not stand up. Where these things are in place, coastal communities do well.” said Dr Campbell.

Find out more about Surfrider at

Media contact:

Dr Rex Campbell 0423 889 899
Brendan Donohoe 0422 900 501
[email protected]

More Information:

Marine parks are multiple-use, meaning that a wide range of activities, including fishing, are allowed in many areas. Marine sanctuaries are smaller areas within the marine park and are no-take, meaning that fishing and extractive activities such as oil drilling, is not allowed. They protect fish stocks and provide safe breeding grounds for fish and other species. Spillover from these sanctuary zones enables sustainable fisheries and allows for fishers to come back year after year and catch their quotas. Sanctuaries become an ‘engine room’ for fish production. One recent study shows that one large female dhufish of 98cm was capable of producing the equivalent number of eggs as 11 60cm dhufish. (StJohn, 2009).

Ningaloo Marine Park in North Western Australia is an example of a marine park. 34% or 88,365 acres are made up of sanctuary zones. The remaining 66% is made up of general use, recreation, and special purpose zones. Recreational fishing is allowed in all of those areas. Rottnest Island off of Perth hosts a successful marine park and the one of the sanctuary zones (Kingston Reef) have 50x more legal lobsters and 100x higher egg production (Babcock et al., 2007).

Babcock, R.C., Phillips, J.C., Lourey, M., Clapin, G. Increased density, biomass and egg production in an unfished population of Western Rock Lobster (Panulirus cygnus) at Rottnest Island, Western Australia. CSIRO Marine Research, Private Bag No. 5, Wembley 6913 WA, Australia

R. Lenanton, J. StJohn*, I. Keay, C. Wakefield, G. Jackson, B. Wise and D. Gaughan Spatial scales of exploitation among populations of demersal scalefish: implications for management. Part 2: Stock structure and biology of two indicator species, West Australian dhufish (Glaucosoma hebraicum) and pink snapper (Pagrus auratus), in the West Coast Bioregion Final FRDC Report – Project 2003/052

Surfrider Northern Beaches beach cleanup Saturday arvo

Posted by: on March 19th, 2010

surfrider foundation beach clean up at Fishermans Beach Collaroy
Surfrider Northern Beaches will be combing Fishermans Beach at Collaroy Basin for rubbish this Saturday 20 March 2010 from 3pm to 5pm.

The clean up is part of the Tangaroa Blue global project to identify marine debris distribution and origins. So we’ll be working in teams to pre-sort the rubbish we find for our rubbish counter/weighers. The more hands we have, the better.

So go clean up on the waves, then come and clean up on the beaches!


Surfrider Northern Beaches
Tangaroa Blue

Blogging from the Festival of surfing

Posted by: on November 7th, 2009

Manly house really gets into the spirit of the festival.

Hello Friends, I’m sitting in our you-beaut RealSurf-Surfrider tent on Manly beach front, watching the passing parade, so I figured I oughta blog from here through the day.

It’s a lovely day and getti9ng lovelier, although we could do with better surfing conditions it has to be said. Nevermind, the wind has been steadily pushing up the energy level and we’re now starting to see some chest high plus sets. Good for trying out boards from the different folks down here with trial models to check out.

It was a pity we didn’t have a video crew down here to watch Shari and I puzzling over how to set up our outsize tent. Woulda made good reality tv as we struggled with flapping canvas and a sort of orgami in poles frame. Happily our good mate Kev from Surfrider turned up and with his very able assistance we got it all happening.

the view from RealSurf-Surfrider's tent

the view from RealSurf-Surfrider's tent

We’ve got a stack of RealSurf t-shirts from fundraisers past and since they weren’t doing anyone any good, we decided to bring them along and sell ’em for $10 each. Nice heavy, Aussie made of Aussie cotton too.

RealSurf and Surfrider's stall

And how does a set of $145 FCS fins for an investment of $2 sound? All you have to do is guess how many ‘orrible ciggie butts are in the Surfrider jar of shame, give us the 2 bucks and your details, and the FCS Goods-1 fins (similar to the G5s) could be yours.

How many butts in the jar? $2 guess could win you $145 set of FCS fins

How many butts in the jar? $2 guess could win you $145 set of FCS fins


Okay, that’s a start on this blogging caper. I might grab the camera and look for some more pics and tales from the beach for ya…so check back soon!


1400: update
Well, having a grand time chatting with folks stopping by the tent. I’d meant to do more blogging, but you know how it is…

The windswell seems to have perked up a wee bit so it’s giving the various contests running today a little scope for action.

I’m getting a scratchy throat talking to folk but gee it’s been great. Hoping maybe to go for a wave later. But I’m probably dreaming…

Got another couple piccies to share…

Whipping one in the slop but getting some acceleration.

Whipping one in the slop but getting some acceleration.


lifeis better-DS


Ducked down the esplanade toward Manly SLSC to see how the crew from Disabled Surfers Assoc. were doing. These folks are quite amazing, so it was good to hear that they were tracking along well fgort the day. DSA are totally volunteer powered and now have 14 branches in five states. A great accomplishment by any measure. Check out their website here.

The good people at Disabled Surfers Assoc raising a little awareness.

The good people at Disabled Surfers Assoc raising a little awareness.

When I came down to the paddle out for the Festival on Thursday, I was intrigued to see a photo booth (for want of a better term) on the beach. It turns out that it’s the heart of an interesting photographic art exercise. Billy and Mike are the cats behind the plummer/kennedy conspiracy, a sort of guerilla portraiture project. Their head-on portraits from the festival are apparently on display around Manly. Nice work it is too.

Mike from the conspiracy covering his work at Manly!

Mike from the conspiracy covering his work at Manly!

TONIGHT in Manly: be there for Surfrider!

Posted by: on October 27th, 2009

It’s Surfrider Foundation Northern Beaches Beach Benefit Bash and we want to see you there.

WHERE: Wharf Bar, Manly Ferry Wharf
& WHEN:  TONIGHT, Thr 29th October from 6pm

Get your entry tickets ($25, includes first drink) on the door or buy online at

Come along and have a great night out, listen to Goons of Doom, surf films
by Tim Bonython and comedy by Wendy Harmer.  Your ticket also gets you a
free drink and canapes on arrival.

Bring your wallets to get to be in with the chance to take home one of our
great auction items..
A surf trip to the Maldives
A surf trip to Tasmania
Eco friendly Balsa Board Kit – impress your mates and make it

Dont fancy those? Our raffle and silent auction will get you…..
Rip Curl Mens Spring Suit and Watch
Ladies Mini Mal from Wicks surf shop

A bundle of surf gear from Aloha
FCS fins & tailpads
Womens and Mens Mambo goodie bags – a new summer outfit
Personal Nutrition session from Your Food Coach
A 6 course degustation dinner for two at Whitewater Restaurant
A meal for two at newly opened Green Groper restaurant in Narrabeen
Surf lessons for two people
SUP lessons for two people
Plus loads of vouchers to spend at local shops!

Where: Wharf Bar, Manly
Time: from 6pm
When: Thursday 29th October
Cost: $25 plus 1 complimentary drink and canapes on arrival

Dont miss out on this big night in Manly, packed full of entertainment,
free goodies, live set from Goons of Doom, surf films from Tim Bonython and
a fun night out on a Thursday.

See you there!

Surfrider Foundation Beach Bash!

Surfrider Foundation Beach Bash!


Posted by: on October 19th, 2009
For example . . .

For example . . .


On Saturday 24 October 2009 Northern Beaches residents will join hundreds of thousands of people from around the world in taking a stand for a safe climate future as part of the largest global day of climate action ever witnessed.

The call to action by both Climate Action Pittwater and Manly Warringah Climate Action Group as well as local surf life saving clubs, and hosted by Pittwater, Warringah and Manly Councils, will spell out the numerals ‘350’ (i.e. 350 parts per million, signifying the safe upper level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere) via human signs on local beaches.

“People are turning out in great numbers in Australia and around the world on 24 October to call on global leaders to hear the public concern about climate change before the UN talks in Copenhagen in December,” said a spokesperson for the Climate Change Groups.

“Scientists are saying that our current greenhouse emissions at 385ppm are at a dangerous level.
“350 sends a clear message to our community and our leaders that we cannot afford to be skeptical anymore and that we need to set a clear and ambitious goal to work towards at the Copenhagen meeting.
“Individuals and families in every corner of the world will be taking similar action from Mount Everest and the Taj Mahal to the Great Barrier Reef and the Sydney Opera House.”
The Northern Beaches climate action groups have the support of local Mayors, Councils, politicians and community groups who will be gathering at three locations (Mona Vale beach, Dee Why beach, and North Steyne beach) at 3.00pm on Saturday 24 October.

The events are three of more than 2,000 rallies in more than 140 nations coordinated by the organization ‘’ and urging world leaders to take fast and effective action on climate change.
“This is the first global campaign ever organised around a scientific data point,” said the climate change group spokesperson.
“It’s also significant that we organize the human signs on our local beaches as increasing sea levels will see our iconic beaches disappear in the future.
“Everyone has a responsibility in combating climate change. We can each make a difference to reducing our own carbon footprints.
“We are encouraging the residents of the Northern Beaches to register their interest and to join us on this day so that we can to get our world back to 350 and a safe climate future.”
To find out more about ‘350’ go to

To register go to:
Dee Why Beach;
Manly Beach
Mona Vale Beach
Spokespersons to contact include:
Iain McGregor (Manly): 0400 481 259.
Kirsten Evans (Dee Why): 0438 177 088.
Linda Haefeli (Pittwater) 0409 815 119.
To make the sign more effective it would be suitable to wear something black, green, blue or red on the day.
For media information contact Ron Krueger on 0418 617 680.
“The gathering of world leaders in Copenhagen for the UN Climate Change Conference in December this year offers what may be the last, best chance for determining concerted action to prevent the worst effects of global warming.
Representing a coastal community likely to be profoundly affected by rising sea levels, Manly Council is committed to developing strategies that promote the conservation of the natural environment to benefit current and future generations; including long term considerations of climate change.
Therefore, as the Mayor of Manly, I fully support the objectives of the ‘350’ campaign and encourage all who love Manly to come along and take part on the day.” – Jean Hay, Mayor of Manly
I am proud to support this initiative and encourage Warringah residents to take a stand on the sand on the day.” – Michael Regan, Mayor of Warringah.
“I encourage Pittwater residents to get behind this great initiative and to send a clear message that we need to limit our emissions to avoid runaway climate change.” – Harvey Rose, Mayor of Pittwater.
“This event is a great opportunity for the Northern Beaches community to show their support for more action on climate change. The lack of public transport on the Peninsula means more cars are clogging up the roads and that has to change. Our beautiful local environment is why we love living on the Northern Beaches and it must be protected for future generations.” – Mike Baird, Member for Manly

“Our coastline and particularly beaches are hugely threatened by rising sea levels and the predicted more numerous and potent storms bought on by climate change and here is an unmissable chance to send your message.” -Brendan Donohue, Surfrider Foundation Northern Beaches Chapter.
“Mona Vale SLSC is proud to be hosting Pittwater’s 350 event. Surf Life Saving Clubs, by their very nature, are particularly vulnerable to coastal erosion and the probable implications of sea level rise. Becoming involved in this public display of climate change action raises the awareness of our 700+ members and their families. Surf Lifesavers and ‘Nippers’ all have a role to play in addressing climate change, and this event is another way MVSLSC is taking action”. – Jon Dibbs – President and Life Member of Mona Vale Surf Life Saving Club.
Founded by author and environmentalist Bill McKibben, is the first large-scale grassroots global campaign against climate change. Its supporters include leading scientists, the governments of 89 countries, and a huge variety of environmental, health, development and religious NGOs. All agree that current atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases—385 parts per million—are causing damage to the planet and to its most vulnerable people, and that government action at the Copenhagen climate conference is required to bring the earth’s carbon level swiftly down.


Posted by: on October 2nd, 2009

All Welcome for a Night of Music, Films, Comedy, Prizes & Surfing

Surfrider Foundation Northern Beaches Beach Benefit Bash

Inspired by the pithy “we all use the same ocean” axiom, Surfrider Foundation’s Northern Beaches has concocted a fundraising event that includes music, films, comedy and awesome raffle gear that anyone who hits the beach won’t want to miss. The festivities kick off at the modern, seaside Manly Wharf Hotel, October 29, from 6pm. (click here to get your tix!)

Surf expressionist Ozzie Wright’s Goons of Doom will headline the event, movies by legendary filmmaker Tim Bonython will be on show, and noted personalities and surfing icons will be mingling about.

Surfrider has even cooked up a surprise famous local comedian to emcee the evening.

Silent Auction items (bring your wallets!) include:

  • Surf trip to the Maldives (courtesy Line Up Dee Why, valued at $4,500)
  • Surf trip to Tasmania (courtesy Southern Ocean Adventures, valued at $2,000)
  • Balsa Custom Surfboard Kit (courtesy Riley, valued at $700)

“Most of us live on the Northern Beaches because we love the beach and all it has to offer, so it’s good to see local people giving back, wanting to preserve our greatest local natural assets—our beaches,” said Manly MP Mike Baird.

The cost of entry is only $25 (click here to get your tix!), which, on top of several nights’ worth of entertainment packed into one, also includes a complimentary beverage, canapés, and a squeaky clean conscience. Surfrider Memberships, usually $45, will be on offer for $10.

All proceeds will benefit Surfrider Foundation Australia, the non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of Australia’s oceans, waves and beaches for all people, through CARE: Conservation, Activism, Research and Education.

Awesome sponsors and donators of raffle prizes are: Aloha Manly, Coastalwatch, Dripping Wet Manly, EcoDepot, FCS, Line Up Dee Why, Mambo, RealSurf, Riley Classic Balsa Surfboards, Rip Curl, Skater HQ Manly, Southern Ocean Adventures, Sprout Daily, Surf Stitch, The Green Groper Narrabeen, Whitewater Restaurant Manly, Wicks Surf Collaroy, Wind Surf and Snow Long Reef, Your Food Coach.

Manly Wharf Hotel (take the Manly ferry from Circular Quay)
Thursday October 29, 2009 from 6pm
$25 (all proceeds go to the Surfrider Foundation Australia)

Getting wet for International Surfing Day

Posted by: on June 20th, 2009

Hello Friends,

Just back from a little beach clean up to celebrate International Surfing Day. Surfrider Foundation northern beaches chapter couldn’t be put off by gale force wind and torrential rain. We combed the length of Fishermans around to Collaroy for rubbish and I’m happy to report that while we definitely picked up a few tens of kilos, the beach was in very good shape – particularly in light of the stormwater rushing out at three or four different spots.

Interestingly there were a fair number of bluebottles washed up along the high tide line. I guess we can expect a few more as the NE’r continues to hammer us.

Grabbed a few snaps of the happy crew…

Sheltering from another squall after cleaning up Fishermans beach, Collaroy.

Sheltering from another squall after cleaning up Fishermans beach, Collaroy.

Driving rain didn't drive off the hardy rubbish hunters from Surfrider northern beaches.

Driving rain didn't drive off the hardy rubbish hunters from Surfrider northern beaches.

Rain lashing in as we posed for a snap to mark International Surfing Day.

Rain lashing in as we posed for a snap to mark International Surfing Day.

International Surfing Day: beach cleanup and bbq

Posted by: on June 19th, 2009
Celebrate surfing with a beach clean up and a bbq put on by the Northern Beaches Surfrider Foundation crew.

Celebrate surfing with a beach clean up and a bbq put on by the Northern Beaches Surfrider Foundation crew.


Posted by: on November 18th, 2008 announces:

NOAA makes its decision on the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary; Maverick’s will remain a “seasonal” PWC zone.


We all saw this coming sooner or later. But as of February 2009, it’s official: the days of snagging 60-foot XXL contenders at Ghost Tree or whipping into the tube of your life at Moss Landing are over. In a decision to be announced later this week, officials at the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have closed a loophole in the laws. . . 

Read Evan Slater’s article on Surfing