Few and far between but waves still

Hello Friends, About a metre of E-ESE wind swell with an average period of close to 9 seconds washing into Sydney as Saturday got started. Surface conditions were glassy to start and skies were mostly clear. Water’s around the 23 mark. Set wave faces at the magnets (eg Northy and the Pole) were in the […]

PICS: Long Reef, the bombies and more

Got out and about with the camera on the morning of Saturday 9 August in the vicinity of Long Reef. Ended up getting pictures of people catching the big ones way out the back on the bombies along with somewhat less dramatic waves inside at Long Reef, the Pole and Dee Why. Click the pics […]

Saturday smallness but not flatness

Hello Friends, Good to see a little tiny bit of energy left for the Saturday morning crew. Yesterday’s scrappy NE wind swell has gone a touch more to the ENE. As of 0700, it was about a metre on average at with a typical period of close to 8 seconds. This was producing waist to […]

Rain away, sunny morning

Hello Friends, A very leisurely start for your webmaster this am. Been battling a cough and cold all week and watching the tour last night didn’t help either. Went through Dee Why for a look about 0930. A passing shower’d left it all glittery and drippy and the water was looking pretty foul from the […]

PICS: The Pole, DY, Sat morning

Saturday morning saw reasonable conditions for the early at Dee Why. Solid south east swell, sunny skies and light SW to S winds made conditions pretty reasonable until about 0900. I set up near the Pole and shot for an hour or so from about 0800. If you were within 100-200 metres and caught a […]