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Too full for the early

Hello Friends, The 1.7 metre high tide at 1020 was already damping the dead south swell by 0730 at Dee Why. Out at sea it was 1.4 m at 11 seconds as of 0500, so there is some energy in the system. Unfortunately most of it is out to sea. Wind was light WNW, which was making for clean conditions

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Hello Friends, A light westerly breeze and clear skies were on hand to greet a small south swell this morning at Dee Why. Out at

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Textured waves early

Hello Friends, A light NNW breeze was bumping up the surface of a chest to shoulder high (on sets) E to SE combo swell that

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The Goat’s Surf Forecast

The Goat’s Surf Forecast Surf forecast issued Thursday 22 February 2024: Seven day outlook for Sydney Crash..murmurmur, crash..murmurmur.. in the still night air~ TG mumbled

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