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Surf pic galleries: Gardens, North Narra, Mona Vale & Manly

Gardening Saturday morning

First surfer picture galleries I’ve posted in absolute yonks. We finally had good shooting conditions and sizable swell on the weekend of the the 16-17th. On Saturday morning I started at Gardens, then moved up to North Narrabeen and finished up at Mona Vale. Next day, I spent an hour or so shooting between North Steyne and Queenscliff before the wind got just too crazy!
SATURDAY morning, 16 March 2013

(above) Gardens, Narrabeen. 3-4 metres of east swell, incoming tide and light winds. Thumping sets that you mostly needed a tow to get into.

(above) North Narrabeen. Big sets, kinda all over the place, but some nicely weighty sections to be had by the crew.

(above) Mona Vale. Big too, but tide really starting to affect it. In half an hour only got a few shots… still, if you were out there, they might be of interest!


(above) Between North Steyne and Queenscliff SLSC’s seemed to be about the best of it. Wind was picking up steadily as I shot between about 1000 & 1100. Quite consistent and lots of folks, so I got a reasonable number of shots…