"Stay happy and you'll be perfectly fine" - Jack Norris

Fun looking but not super consistent

Hello Friends,

Swell has faded overnight and is weakening steadily. As of 0800 it was a touch under 2 metres and coming from the SE at about 10 seconds apart. Wind was light and the air, well it was chilly.
Not too many in the water chasing some clean but mostly shutting down chest plus sets from North Steyne to Queenscliff. Only one person in the water at Curly where it looked like a fair amount of work. Dee Why point had a small population waiting around to jag some surprisingly soft looking shoulder high sets at the point. About the same size up toward No Mans, but it was really inconsistent while I was watching. Again, nice and clean looking and not at all busy.
Tide was low a little before 0500 and will be back to high at 1100.
The models are calling for the swell to drop away to pretty much nothing in the next day or so. Next pulse currently looks like arriving mid next week.
Have yourself a great Monday!

Body surfer nails a good one at Queenscliff about 0815
surfer north steyne
Stepping into a shutdown at North Steyne
manly surfing
Eyening the possibilities at north Steyne
manly surfer
Sc runching shutdown at North Steyne
dy point bodysurfrer
Handy positioning DY point
dy point surfer
You can go in, but you can’t come out again

no mans wave
Rare set near No Man’s