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Dee Why report by Don

Posted 8:13am Thu 24 Jul 2014 in: Dee Why.

Tiny offerings

0930 update: Hello Friends, Just saw Manly and Curly and can report that as of 0900 there were some chest high sets at both places. At Manly it was all up the Queensie end and at Curly it appeared to be right along the beach. There seemed to be a...

Manly report by Surfboards Direct

Posted 7:19am Thu 24 Jul 2014 in: Manly.

A few 2 footas

Not as good as the last 2 days but a few 2 foot sets still coming through.  Lacking a bit of punch for the early crew so longboards are working better but as the tide runs out it should improve. Go for a paddle if you don’t have a job today.  ...


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