Curl Curl report by Don

Posted 1:12pm Sun 27 May 2018 in: Curl Curl, Surf Reports.

Shooting at Curly

Will take a few snaps at curly to share later. Sets in head to head plus range.

Dee Why report by Don

Posted 11:33am Sun 27 May 2018 in: Dee Why, Surf Reports.

Shooting at dy beach

Waiting for photo opportunities in the dropping tide shutdowns. Sets to head and a bit and same at point. Crowded of course. Gallery of snaps up by tomorrow am

Dee Why report by Don

Posted 10:16am Sun 27 May 2018 in: Dee Why, Top stories.

PIctures from Saturday morning at Dee Why point

A few pictures from the 244-picture gallery posted on Sunday 27 May 18… (Clicking on any image takes you to the gallery)

Dee Why report by Don

Posted 8:55am Sun 27 May 2018 in: Dee Why.

Sunday morning some waves to be had

Hello Friends, Light offshore breeze and smoky and hazy conditions as Sunday rolled into view. Swell has dropped noticeably overnight and as of 0600 the MHL buoy was showing 1.6 m of 12 sec energy from the SE (141°). So, more surf options than yesterday...

Goat's Forecast

The Goat’s Surf Forecast

Posted on 7:55pm Thu 24 May 2018

Surf forecast issued Thursday 24 May 2108: Seven day outlook for Sydney: Had a few nice waves earlier in the week in really nice conditions. Now... well ya never know... there may be a few more coming your way before it starts to go down and then late ... Read full post »


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