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Dee Why report by Don

Posted 11:08am Wed 16 Apr 2014 in: Dee Why.

Morning pics of Dee Why

Sorry about the late snaps… here’s how it looked around 1000 from the RealSurf crows nest… still lots of swell energy to play with as you can see. Not big for the most part, but fun enough. This little right ran a fair way. Are the banks...

Manly report by Surfboards Direct

Posted 8:24am Wed 16 Apr 2014 in: Manly.

Photos Lie

Swell looks to have swung a touch back to the south but thats getting overly technical. Still plenty of 4ft+ lines, plenty of closeouts on the high tide and photos can make it looks really good!  Some are really good if you are on the end of the right...


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