Dee Why report by Don

Posted 7:53am Mon 27 Apr 2015 in: Dee Why.

Monday morning waves

Hello Friends, Chilly tinge to the air at 0730 but wide blue skies overhead and 2 metres of 10-sec SSE swell rolling in for the first shift. Sets at Dee Why point were around the chest mark and similar, if not a bit bigger along the beach. Wind was a 10kt...

Goat's Forecast

The Goat’s Surf Forecsat

Posted on 3:42pm Thu 23 Apr 2015

Surf forecast issued Thursday23 April 2015: Seven day outlook for Sydney:   Well that was a bit of a blow eh?.. but not all that unusual in this little duck's experience - except that it seemed to be hovering close by Australia's most populated are ... Read full post »


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