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At large report by Don

Posted 3:15pm Mon 1 Sep 2014 in: At large.

Gone surfin’: Bower

Jumped in the water for a bit this morning at the Bower. Had the GoPro onboard so I took a few snaps. It was a bit lully, but there were a few solidly overhead bombs and enough of the chest high stuff to go around. Wind gradually roughed it up so that it...

Surf Reports report by Surf Photos of You

Posted 11:28am Mon 1 Sep 2014 in: Surf Reports.

Hello Spring

Its going to be a beautiful Spring day.  Waves in the 3 – 4 foot range.  Get out there and enjoy.  Check out

Dee Why report by Don

Posted 8:08am Mon 1 Sep 2014 in: Dee Why.

Fun looking Monday morning

Hello Friends, If you were able to hit it for the early, you’re probably smiling. The swell dropped overnight, but this morning was still seeing shoulder plusses at the point and along the beach at Dee Why. According to the modelling, it should...

Goat's Forecast

The Goat’s Surf Forecast

Posted on 4:33pm Fri 29 Aug 2014

Surf forecast for Sydney: Outlook for the next eight days: Surf's comin' up from the Low out in the Tasman Saturday: in the 3-4 metre range East South East Sunday: don a little 2-3 + metres East South East Monday: 2-3 metres East South East ... Read full post »


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