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Manly report by Surfboards Direct

Posted 6:48am Sun 23 Nov 2014 in: Manly.

Not a lot of float for your boat

Slim pickings for Sunday but it is warm and glassy.  One foot or so sets and the pending 9:22am high isn’t helping.  There’s a weak south bump and a weak ne bump so probably a south magnet might have the most but it will be bank and luck...

Big Picture report by Don

Posted 4:07am Sun 23 Nov 2014 in: Big Picture.

Microness for Sunday

Hello Friends, Pre-dawn wind was northerly and it should stay that way for the first few hours of daylight before turning gradually to the NE. The MHL buoy was showing ENE wind swell of about 1.3 metres with some nearly 10 second component. My hunch is...

Goat's Forecast

The Goat’s Surf Forecast

Posted on 3:56pm Thu 20 Nov 2014

Surf forecast issued Thursday 20 November 2014:  Outlook for Sydney for the next eight days Been away up the coast having Fun! ... Get back to find the internet's out... New modem required.. Then busy with Rex The Superdog who had an op... etc etc So ... Read full post »


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