• waikiki
    July 22, 2016: Postcards from Hawaii
    At large report by Don
  • rain on the window pane
    July 20, 2016: Rain and tiny for this morning in Sydney
    At large report by Don
  • malibu surf
    July 19, 2016: Smallness all over
    At large report by Don
  • ventura point
    July 16, 2016: SSE swell and offshores overnight but…
    At large report by Don
  • Topanga
    July 12, 2016: Back to marginal numbers for awhile in Sydney
    At large report by Don
  • Huntington Beach surfline pic
    July 11, 2016: Swell and north wind for Sydney
    At large report by Don

Surf Reports report by roger

Posted 8:05am Sat 23 Jul 2016 in: Surf Reports.


Flatter than a steam rolled pancake… and not expected to be any different all day. Wind is gusting from W WNW  to get up to 45 kph today… so hang on to your toupee Good day for a swim – water temp is 20. See TG’s forecast…...

Goat's Forecast

TG’s Surf Forecast

Posted on 5:40pm Fri 22 Jul 2016

The outlook is for several days of westerly type wind across the continent and Great Southern Ocean.  This should bring some swell up the NSW coast from way down south...(along with cooler air temperatures..You can't have everything ) Although th ... Read full post »


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