Very small at Dee Why

Posted by: on February 19th, 2012

Hello Friends,

Looks as though I chose a reasonable morning to sleep in! According to the MHL data at 0900, the main swell was coming from the SSE at about a metre at around 9 seconds. For the folk in the water at Dee Why that was translating into long waits and sets struggling to get above the waist high mark.

There was some sort of surf carnival on as well, so you’d probably be looking more toward the Long Reef end for a a quiet one.

The NE’r should be into it soon. The Bureau says it’ll be 15-20kts by early evening.

Tide was high at 0615 and will hit low at 1300.

We’re set for late showers and then apparently we’re back to showery days again for the coming work week.

Get out there and have yourself a top old Sunday!

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