Marginal yes, but not totally flat

Posted by: on August 17th, 2015

Hello Friends,

Monday morning started off with clear skies and chilly offshores along the beaches. As of 0500 the main swell energy was coming from the SE. It was around a metre at 9 seconds and where Dee Why’s concerned, that meant ankle to knee at the point and knee to waist-ish up the beach. Tide is heading toward the high at 0950.
The Bureau’s forecasting the wind to get up to 15-25 kts from the west today, and to turn SW later. Oh, and the swell is supposed to drop back a bit too.
Tomorrow the Bureau expects to see SW wind early, turning southerly during the morning. The south swell should perk back up. Wednesday the call is for 1.5-2 metres of south swell, but with light onshores from the SE early, going NE during the morning.
Longer range outlook on the various models this morning points to smallness on Thursday and then a possible slight uptick at dead south spots on Friday before a return to small to flat out into next week.
Have yourself a great Monday one and all!

dy point surfers

Spot the hopeful surfers

dy beach surfer

Little cruise-y one peels along the beach at 0700

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