Wednesday cold early and southerly

Posted by: on September 23rd, 2015

Hello Friends,

Wild and woolly conditions thanks to 30kts of south to SW wind and around 4 metres of south swell (going by the Pt Kembla buoy…Sydney’s gone offline). Swell should stay at around this intensity for another 24-48 hours at least. Wind unfortunately is going to blast along at 25-30 kts from the south right through Friday. Throw in the sub-10 degree wind chill, and it’s only going to attract the most dedicated and hardy.
As the pictures show, I had a look at Curly, Dee Why and Collaroy this morning and can report that Curly is exactly as you’d expect – out of control. Dee Why point was very lumpy and choppy and the one person trying to catch something in the chaotic shories got out of the water while I was watching.
Around the corner, the wind was offshore at White Rock, but with the dark skies and very rough seas, it wasn’t looking exactly clean. That wasn’t putting off half a dozen stalwarts. The Kick and Brownwater weren’t doing much, but I saw a fun looking little waist-ish mal wave roll in at Collaroy.
Have yourself a great Wednesday and go well with your plans!

dogs prohibited

Fun fact: even on a lead, walking a dog here could get you a $330 fine.

curl curl

About the only exercise on offer at Curly around 0700

dy beach

Chasing options on his own in the shorey at Dee Why

DY point

Lumpy, bumpy DY point this morning


Clean mal conditions if you didn’t mind the cold at Collaroy

White Rock

Getting air at White Rock around 0715

White Rock

White Rock looking fairly rugged in the biting wind

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