Friday late, photos of an arriving swell?

Posted by: on May 27th, 2016

One last photo post for Friday. I stopped by Longy, Curly and Dee Why for a few snaps just before the light drained away on Friday. Swell was looking like it could be solid by tomorrow, but the energy was looking straight south. So, while Longy and Curly were showing head to head and a bit on the set wave faces, Dee Why point was struggling to be waist high as the sun set. All the power was just going straight past and hitting up at Longy. I’d expect the same deal for Saturday morning. Anyway, herewith a few snaps…

dy lagoon surfer

The lugga about 1600

long reef

Set trips over the bombies a little after 1600 Friday

long reef surfer

Hooking one around inside the bombies at Long Reef

Long Reef wave

Meaty shutdown showing the size for tomorrow maybe?

curl curl surfer

Curly doing a lot of shutting down at 1700

curl curl surfer

Curly on dusk

curl curl surfer

Curly about 1700

curl curl surf

Lines stacking into south Curl Curl at dusk Friday

dy surfers

Super keen crew grabs a single set wave on sundown

dy surfer

Last light of the day for a dee why rider

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