Saturday throws the switch to sunshine

Posted by: on November 12th, 2016
north narrabeen surfers

North Narrabeen 1245

north narrabeen surfers

Busy at Northy around 1245

curl curl surfer

Popping the top off a little wind wave at south Curly about noon

curl curl surfer

Curly wind wave section briefly playful

Hello Friends,
Had to run the odd errand around midday and since I was out and about I checked the surf again. There sitll aren’t any waves to speak of at Dee Why or Manly for that matter, but both mid to south Curly and North Narrabeen had a few very soft knee to waist high bumps to play on at midday. Pretty busy of course and the waits between even barely catchable waves were long. But it was hot and sunny and bright and summery, so folks were just getting in and taking what came their way.

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