TG’s quick surf forecast

Posted by: on April 27th, 2017

Surf forecast issued Thursday 27 April 2017: Seven day outlook for Sydney:

Been out of town out of sight of the ocean.  Swell’s got a lot of south, sou souwest at the moment so is mostly going straight past and not much is getting into protected corners.  Bit of an up and down week ahead…

Friday: down from today…say 2 metres or so at places o p en to the South with wind

Saturday: down in the 1-2 metre range at dead South places

Sunday: coming up…about 2, 2+ metres dead  South

Monday: about 1 mm etre or so dead South

Tuesday: ditto South East

Wednesday: coming up… around 2, 2+ metres at dead South spots

Thursday: 1-2 metre range South East.

Enjoy. Stay safe.

Weather from the Bureau:

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