High tide at Long Reef

Posted by: on January 13th, 2020

Hello Friends,

Chucked the board in the car, grabbed the camera and went for a closer look at conditions at Long Reef just as the tide was peaking. Quite a number of people out the back on second bombie and an unusual number clustered at shitrock as well. As expected, the beach was just shutting down. There were a few hardy types out having a go in the head plus conditions though. Unless they were unloading in the shorey, the waves were looking ponderous and tide affected.

Again, as expected, it was very lully. In 20 minutes or so, I saw maybe three waves caught at the bombies and four or five from the pole north to shitrock.

Got one turn off as it shutdown on this shorey just south of the lifeguard hut

Best moment of the best wave I saw at the outside bombies.

Long Reef inside bombie

A couple hours earlier at 0900 it was 2 metres at 15 seconds from 158°

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