"Stay happy and you'll be perfectly fine" - Jack Norris

Sydney Saturday Surf Report

Happy leap day… last official day of Summer!  Hasn’t it been a beauty… fires, floods, storms, you name it.

Today though is fab.  The sun is out the sky is blue … in the south just a cloud or two…

Swell offshore according to the MHL buoy is in the 1.8 – 3 metre range from South South East with periods of 6 – just under 10 seconds.

Waves at the beach are in the 1-2 metre range depending on which way the beach faces.  Water surface is still a bit ruffled from yesterday’s wind, so quality is varying from beach to beach.

Tide was low at 6:36 and is coming in, but it’s still a bit shallow at places.  Might be best around mid tide.

Wind at the moment is delightfully calm to light on the coast, but the Bureau is forecasting winds to turn East later, so best to get to the beach before the waves get too wind affected.

Water quality has improved a lot.. There is still some weed and driftwood debris on some beaches but councils are gradually getting around to cleaning up. Water temp is a very pleasant 22, 23.

All in all… not a bad one…

Have fun!