Waves around this morning

Hello Friends, Yesterday’s south pulse stuck around last night and though it’s off its peak, there were shoulder to head high set wave faces to be had at the better exposures. Plus, it was glassy before 0800. Swell at sea was 2.5 metres at a touch under 8 seconds apart from 174° as of 0710. […]

More grey than blue

High tide softening a little south wind swell along the Manly stretch at 0900. Surface conditions were smooth but water continues to look murky. A touch of cool too under high overcast skies. Wind still SW when I got to Dee Why around 0930. Sets were shoulder plus along the beach and it was relatively […]

Fading swell Saturday

Hello Friends,  A swampy 1.8 m high tide at 0800 plus a mainly SSE swell that’s dropped from 2.1 m yesterday afternoon to 1.3 m with a 9 second period at daybreak, means minimal surf options this morning. At least the wind looks like staying light and from the north quarters until this afternoon when […]

Sunshine Wednesday with waves

Hello Friends, Nice morning out there. Swell at sea is around the 2 metre mark this morning with average periods of 11-12 seconds and ranges from solidly overhead at North Steyne, to shoulder/head high at Dee Why (on sets). Dee Why point’s not really working with this swell direction (dead east), but the better beaches […]

Tiny chop early

Hello Friends, The numbers tell the story: swell at sea as of 0745 was 1.4 metres at 8-9 seconds from 171°, wind at North Head was SE 6-7 kts and tide had just peaked at 1.7 metres around 0710. There was a light drizzle falling at various points along the beaches and we are headed […]

Sizable Saturday

Hello Friends, At first light skies were overcast and we had 11-13 kts of SW wind. Out at sea the waverider buoy was registering 2.7 metres of 11-12 second swell from the SE (160°). Tide was running out to the 0.5m low at 0925. Surface conditions were smooth and the lines were long – which […]

Sunny surfy Friday

Hello Friends, Distinct south line showing in the ocean this morning. Skies were sunny and the wind was out of the SW at 9-10 kts as of 0800. As you can see from the pics, it isn’t big – yet. Set waves at the point and the beach were in the waist high range, but […]

Waist plusses

Hello Friends, Sunny skies, light WNW breeze for the early and an a shade under 2 metres of dead south 9-10 second period swell out at sea. Tide hit low at 0700 and is currently coming in to a 1.5 metre high at 1310. Water quality should be good most places and temp is sitting […]

Weak and tiny early

Hello Friends, Had my fingers crossed for a bit more activity than we’re seeing along the beaches this morning. At least there are still some waves around for the keen. The wind wasn’t a factor for the early but the combination of a swampy 1.9 metre high at 0910 and swell at sea of 1.5 […]

Tricky conditions

Hello Friends, Swell has faded a little overnight to around 1.7 metres from 96° (east) at about 9 seconds apart. Wind early was out of the SW at 4 kts under solidly overcast skies. Tide is currently dropping to the 0.7 m low at 0940. There was a band of rain showers out to sea, […]