Goat spies Bower

fairy bower manly surf

Double overhead…only for the young fit ones..fast take offs …silly crowd… people intent on catching waves…recipe for disaster …good day for a stroll

A few waves in Manly this morning (vid)

North Steyne surfer

Paddled out at the Bower this morning on spec. My theory was that there might be the occasional solid set in the mix. Turned out that I was right. Water’s dropped several degrees too. Sets seemed to be getting a little more frequent as the morning went on – and the tide filled in. Biggest […]

Gone surfin’: Bower

Jumped in the water for a bit this morning at the Bower. Had the GoPro onboard so I took a few snaps. It was a bit lully, but there were a few solidly overhead bombs and enough of the chest high stuff to go around. Wind gradually roughed it up so that it was pretty […]

PICS: Monday waves at the Bower & Collaroy

A southerly arrived early and laid waste to most surf options on Monday, but the east swell still had some legs and there were waves to be had at the Bower and Collaroy. So, I grabbed the camera and spent some time shooting folks having fun. Links below to the complete galleries. As usual, all […]

Hmmm, maybe not quite what we hoped for

Late arvo update Well, did you score anything before the southerly chewed it up? Yours truly spent a less than satisfying time in the water at Dee Why point this morning. There were sizable sets, but they weren’t easy to get into because the rip was roaring out through the break and the swell was […]

Afternoon wrap (Bower, Dee Why)

Hello Friends, Just back from a shooting session at Dee Why. Light was pretty ordinary, but I shot a lot anyway because it was so big. You’ll find the pics below the Bower shots… In the meantime, here are some snaps I got from a sesh at the Bower this morning. It was pretty setty […]

More pics

You know how it is with swell and not great conditions – you keep wondering if maybe it’s improved someplace… the pressure got to RealSurf and so late this morning made a run down to see if the Bower was cleaning up and if by some fluke there was something getting in on the north […]

Curly to Manly

Hello Friends, Not even worth taking a picture at Curly as it was – predictably enough – blown out junk. So it was on to Manly. Like Curly, the Queenscliff end of the beach was just a write-off. Sadly, the situation as Big Al has already noted, was little better at the south end. There […]

Mid-arvo update: Bower & Collaroy

Hello Friends, (Buncha extra pics in this post) Not many choices around this afternoon. 20-25kts of SSE wind is doing over the 8sec, 3 metre ese swell. I spent a couple hours waiting for picture opportunities at the Bower this morning. Long wait between the good ones, and at that stage the wind was tearing […]

Swell, swell, nor any face to surf

  After leaving Warriewood, I stopped for a quick squizz at Collaroy. The swell is getting in there, but at high tide it was not all that impressive. Only a few people in the water and they were doing a fair amount of waiting for the occasional waist to chest high slop burger sets. It […]