A few waves around this morning

After filing the report this morning, I made the run to Manly and on the way back, checked out Freshie, Curly and Dee Why. Freshwater had a couple of little now and again sort of peaks in the waist to waist plus range. I was tempted, but decided to push on to Curly. Swell was […]

Duke’s Day doings

Joined around 200 others at Freshie this morning for a Duke’s Day picture. The photographers weren’t entirely happy, but it was all good fun and by now there are thousands of shots online of the event. They’ve got a pretty full on program of events, so if you’re in the area, it’d be worth dropping […]

Manly, Freshie, Curly wander

Down to Manly for an errand again this morning, so picked up a few snaps on the way back. Manly was noticeably smaller and less consistent than yesterday, but if you were patient and happy to deal with knee high sets, it was a nice morning to be in that warm water with a mal. […]

Noreaster morning

Hello Friends, NE’r going from early today. There was some little E-ENE wind swell showing around the place when I checked at 0700 or so. About the most interesting looking spot I saw was (from a great distance) North Curly. Wave faces looked to be into the shoulder range on the biggest ones. Although the […]

Out and about

Out and about this morning and checked everywhere from Manly to North Narra. Bower was flat, Manly was scrappy but sort of do-able considering, Freshy was a case of NUP!, Curly – do you have to even ask?, Dee Why point swell not connecting, up the beach too much work for too little pay off, […]

Freshie wrap

Bloke in the parking lot says it was fun out there and the water’s super warm. Reasonably busy, but not ridiculously so. Would be most fun on a fishy, lid or mat as windswell is mostly knee high and pretty gutless looking. Surface a bit choppy, but not too bad.