Oh so small Saturday

the moon

Hello Friends, Last night the Bureau was talking about possible percipitation overnight, but this morning sees largely clear skies and, sadly, no surf at Dee Why. The MHL buoy was showing a metre of 7-second NE wind bump at 0500. As you can see from the pics, there’s really nothing going on surfwise. Looks like […]

Grey and micro at high tide Dee Why

Hello Friends, Energy levels have dropped more than many of us had hoped they would this morning. Skies are grey early and a high tide at 0715 is swamping any real prospect of a wave at Dee Why. We’re in for another steamy day with an 80% chance of rain. As of 0500 we had […]

Still small

Hello Friends, You could ask for better. But, then again, it is summer, so whadya expect? We’re in for a warm one again today – although out here on the coast will be nothing like the sort of heat pretty much everybody west of us to the Indian ocean’s had to put up with. With […]

Little Monday

Hello Friends, Clear skies, lightly offshore but only knee to waist high little remnant wind waves coming in at the moment. Wind’s going SE’ly this afternoon and as that happens, the swell should perk from the south. As of 0200 the MHL data was showing a metre of 7 sec period NE wind bump. So […]

Is that you summer?

Hello Friends, Looks like a breezy sort of day coming up. The Bureau is calling for NW 15 -25kts, turning W 20-25 kts. Sadly, we don’t have a strong winter swell to deal with it. Instead we’re looking at 7 second period NE wind swell of about a metre. Very summery looking on that front. […]

Feeble but not flat

Hello Friends, Not utterly hopeless this morning. There were little knee high dribblers scudding gently in on a relatively glassy sea for the early risers. The MHL buoy is showing the primary swell direction as NE at about 6-7 seconds apart. Height of the average wave is somewhere around the metre mark. Wind was light […]

Quiet warm Sunday morning

Hello Friends, Heading for a toasty day in Sydney. But surfing looks to be pretty much out. There’s only a metre of NE wind swell at 7 seconds and it’s really not showing much of anything at Dee Why. You might possibly find a little something at a spot with good NE exposure, but I’d […]

Thursday of tinyness

Hello Friends, The quick version: there’s really nothing going on where Dee Why’s concerned. If you’re really keen for a knee high wave, there should be little lumps at the NE spots this morning. Low tide is 0840 and the high is around 1450, but the range is less than a metre, so I wouldn’t […]

Dull start at Dee Why

Hello Friends, As foretold by the swell prediction models, conditions in Sydney this morning are not great where the surf is concerned. So I guess you can devote yourself to other matters today. The energy settings are lowly indeed. We have a fluffy 7 second period metre of NE wind swell lapping in. So, you […]

Quiet along the shores of Sydney

Hello Friends, Weak and tiny NE wind swell lapping into the beaches of Sydney this morning. The wind and tide don’t really matter to surfers today. So, thoughts turn to the outlook and it’s not too red hot I’m afraid. The next two to three days are shaping up to be a variation on this […]