Tiny but some bumps of a surfable sort

Hello Friends, 0920: Update for ya. Did the Manly run this morning and grabbed a few more piccies of the activity. Like Dee Why, both places are pretty inconsistent, but that said, the quality was definitely better at the southern locations. Sets were in the chest plus range and although most of the waves were […]

Smooth but small early

Hello Friends, Mix of NE and SSW wind swell this morning was producing knee to waist plus wave faces. Wind was light SW early and although it’s not supposed to pick up too dramatically, it will come around to the SE as the day goes along. MHL buoy is showing about 1.5 metres at 8 […]

Friday smallness at Dee Why

Hello Friends, Tiny NE wind swell struggling against the 0800 high tide this morning and it’s just not happening at Dee Why. The numbers are pretty much like yesterday’s, that is about a metre of 8 second bump. The challenge will be to find something at a NE magnet spot. I think you’d be going […]

Scrappy mixed wind swell

Hello Friends, A junky mix of NE and SSE wind swells coming into Dee Why as we headed toward high tide at 0910. Heights at sea were around the 1.5-2m mark and average periods were about 6 seconds for the SSW component and closer to 8 seconds for the NE stuff. The combo was delivering […]

Grey and small morning…again

Hello Friends, Another morning with not much going on at the beach. A faint NE wind swell is lapping in under gloomy grey skies. Not much wind about – yet. Sets are struggling to make the waist high mark and they look to be pretty weak thanks to an average period of around 8 seconds. […]

Marginal but at least not windy for the early

Hello Friends, Yesterday’s surprisingly perky little burst of east swell seems to have faded away overnight. Too bad. It was fun to finally take off on a wave that didn’t have to be worked mercilessly for every last drop of energy. Wind was light from the NW for the early morning crew, but the Bureau […]

Another day of flatness

Hello Friends, We stagger on through the flatness. This morning sees the horizon just as smooth as ever and down at Dee Why only a fleck or two of white along the rocks at the point. Sadly, there’s nothing in the forecast to give us hope of an improvement today. The prospects of a little […]

Beautiful morning but only tiny

Hello Friends, Short version: swell has gone from small yesterday to tiny this morning. Shame too, because it’s looking like being a corker. But then we expected this given the forecasts of the last few days. Speaking of forecasts, the outlook for today is small and getting close to flat by dark. But boy is […]

Sunny Saturday

      Hello Friends, Not exactly a morning of pumping swell, but by no means hopelessly tiny either. You’ll need to get to your favourite bit of e-ne exposed beach though. Sets at the bigger spots were into the chest high range, but there was definitely a wait. When I checked at sunrise, there […]

Mid-morning update

Hello all, Did the run around as promised and fetched a few pics for you. The takeaway is basically that our initial reports for this morning don’t really need much tweaking. Conditions, apart from the waves that is, were absolutely spot on. Light offshores, sunny skies, no crowds… but… Here’s the executive summary: Dee Why […]