dy surfer

Hello Friends, Light SSW wind for the early, so surface conditions were comparatively smooth. But the wind’ll swing southerly soon and that, combined with a 0735 high tide, means the 1.5 metres or so of 8 sec SSE wind swell won’t be producing much of interest. If you were out early, before the wind kicked […]

Ok size at the magnets but…

long reef surfer

Hello Friends, The NE’r was making itself felt at 0700, but there were shoulder plus waves to be had if you were in the right spot at the right time. The combo of 9sec 2.4 metre SE and a similar size NE wind swell was providing ample energy. That said, when I checked the Dee […]

PICS from Sunday morning at Dee Why from the point to No Man’s

Went shooting on Sunday morning at Dee Why beach. It was just too busy for me to contemplate. Conditions were pretty good, but the shutdown factor was a problem and despite the reasonable 2 metre, 12-sec SE swell, a lot of the waves seemed kinda fat. But not all of them. I saw three broken […]

A few more pics of a few more waves this morning

Hello again! I envy you if you were able to get in the water this morning. Conditions weren’t all time by any stretch of the imagination, but that said, they weren’t dire either. I’d call it 6/10 for being clean, waist to chest on sets but somewhat flabby thanks to an average period of around […]

Clean knee high wavelets

Hello Friends, Swell’s cogged down another touch since yesterday, so the best early risers could expect were knee to waist high wave faces at magnet spots. Northy was picking up a little, but not the rest of the beach down to Collaroy. There were small, clean mal/SUP-able little lines from Longy to about the SLSC, […]

South spots Saturday

Hello Friends, We have another morning with a little wave activity. It’s south spots only though because the 1.5 metre SSE swell is only about 8 seconds apart on average, so it’s pretty directional. Places not optimally positioned will be tiny to flat (looking at you Collaroy), or only marginal (say hi to Gardens and […]

PICS: No Mans Sun 29 Aug 10 1000-1100

Weekend warriors weren’t put off by the somewhat junky conditions mid-morning at No Mans and Long Reef on Sunday 29 August. Sets were into the shoulder high range and there were lots of people having a go. I set up just south of the Dee Why lagoon entrance and grabbed a few shots of people […]

Pics: did you surf No Mans Tues arvo

Hi all, For those of you who got out at No Mans on Tuesday afternoon from around 215 to 355 pm, I got some pics. Like 300 of ’em. If you got a wave, chances are I got a snap. Anyway, I’m calling the conditions 7-8 out of 10, so even if you weren’t there, […]